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Nick Mankey Designs Hook Watch Strap

Nick Mankey Designs Hook Watch Strap

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The Most Comfortable Strap You’ll Ever Wear

Breathable, water resistant, shock resistant, low-profile, and comfy as all get out, this strap is a true game changer. Made from military-grade twill-woven elastic webbing, it’s nice and tight to keep your favorite timepiece in place, but flexible enough that it won’t put strain on your wrist. The end is fitted with a nylon-coated, zinc alloy G-hook that slides onto a loop formed by the band itself. To make sure it works with your watch, each strap is fully adjustable thanks to the integrated black PVD slider. All straps ship with quick-change spring bars, too.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of a 20- or 22-millimeter strap that’s anywhere from 5 to 9 inches long, in quarter-inch intervals.


  • Nick Mankey Designs
  • Military-grade twill-woven elastic webbing
  • Zinc alloy hardware
  • Double stitched with extra heavy weight 100% polyester thread
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm


  • Strap
  • Spring bars


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