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Nico Nerini Captoe Oxfords

Nico Nerini Captoe Oxfords

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

They look better than others we've seen here for twice as much. Happily, I no longer have a need for them, but if I did...
is there a size chart available?
I took a screenshot of the size chart available for a somewhat similar pair of shoes on the Nico Nerini website (

This will definitely avoid paying heavy import duty. I am happy to buy provided ships from India. Plz reply
Will they be shipped from India. I live in I Dia hence the question.
Hi there! These will ship out of the US.
What's the width like? I wear 11.5 E or EE in most dress shoes; should I go with an 11.5 here or a 12?
Size up. I'm a 13, wider foot. These run smaller than usual.
Fit question: How wide are these? D or E? If I wear UK 9 (US10, EU43) on Meermin's Hiro welt, should I get the same size?
These are standard D width. I'd get a US 10 here as well, yes.
This is a question, not a comment. Are these shoes leather lined? Thanks!
Recieved them today, ordered in black. Impressed with the quality, hope it hold up to the daily wear.
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Thank you. You tend to stay toward the brown side of the spectrum for casual dress shoes?
Yeah, different shades of brown, but black for me is suit only.
Just received mine.


I received my drop yesterday. Got one black and one tan. The quality is really pretty good. The leather is of good quality. The size is spot on. A bit narrow, but then again I have flat feet so every pair of shoes is narrow. Granted, it will take a couple of wears to better form to my feet, but all-in-all, I am very pleased with this drop!
Hello Jack! I'm really glad you're enjoying your purchase. That reaction is exactly how we felt when we saw the brand for the first time. We're hoping to introduce their new line Luca Andreoli in the coming days, so stay tuned!
So what are Massdrop's return policies on shoes? They're not exactly keyboards where you don't have to worry about fit.
Still not offering size 7?
Can we get a little more variety here? I would be in on this drop is they were plain toe Oxfords, but I don't need another pair of these ... (dropped last month)
Yay for continued endorsements, AKA, they've dropped this 3x now (I think?)
Will buy shoes from Allen-Edmonds or Alden, need a "C" width.
No Size 14, Lost my Business....Back to Allen Edmond's
I doubt it will come as a surprise to Nico Nerini that not making size 14s means they won't be selling any size 14s.
Seems kind of disingenuous that every size/color option is a price premium.
That's a glitch on the drop. We'll fix immediately. All sizes and colors are exactly the same price. Sorry about that!
In for one, will report back!
For items that get shipped to Canada, do we still end up having to pay customs? Or is that taken care of in the shipping/handling fees?
Customs fees aren't ever included in these deals
I'm in Canada. I bought a belt from massdrop and had to pay and additional $25 cad to get my belt. This amount was not listed anywhere on the website. The shipping and additional fee cost as much as the belt. It is a complete rip-off and I would not recommend you buy anything unless it is extremely cheap from massdrop if you live in Canada.
You would have had my money if a shade between tan and black were available!
“from Nico Nerini, a family-run* shoemaker”
*made in India
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I'd agree that some shoes made outside of North America or western Europe are no lesser in quality than those made in the countries you named--but some countries have no workforce with a history of shoemaking. Spain and Mexico absolutely do; in fact, many consider Carmina at least equal to AE. I know India has a long-standing leather industry, though you seldom see full-grain, goodyear-welted shoes like these made there. And one of the finest shoe makers in the world, Vass, is in Hungary.
China is another thing entirely. It's not that a Chinese company couldn't make welted fullgrain shoes with hand finishing; it's just that they'd end up costing almost as much as AE. And for the same price, most guys would rather have shoes made somewhere with a heritage of shoemaking, good customer service, decent worker protections, etc.
And that's the other big concern: Some countries' governments do some evil shit--jailing and killing political dissidents, oppressing minority groups, sponsoring hacking of Western governments and individuals.
Hence I'll never buy anything from Russia, China or Turkey. But Spain? Sure. India? They have some child labor, but at least they're not poisoning journalists, eating dogs, or attacking US citizens on our own soil, as Turkish security goons did in DC last year.
If Kurdish-made shies ever come up for sale, I'll be first in line.
Yea, a foster family of 1000 kids in a warehouse. That’s how they do.
THese look nice but make mens feet smell like someone drank sewer water and then vomitted into cheese that was festering in the stomach of a body on some dank river bank.
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dank bruh
And your point, lol.
Are these any good? The price would be amazing for good shoes, if they are good. I got a pair of Allen Edmonds once for $200, and they were amazing, at least until I got a puppy and he ate them. I could use a decent pair of work shoes.
They're indeed pretty darn good shoes; Goodyear welted so you can resole them for years to come. The quality at this price is really satisfactory and we've been big fans since launching the brand a few months back. Another user has linked to previous discussions on other 'drops' where folks talk about them after receiving them. Let us know if you have any questions! :)