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Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens

Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Decent price especially when converted to $CAD. Too bad the shipping date is after I'm gone on vacation :/


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I'm using Nikon d5300 this lens is a beast.
holy poop! That's awesome!
It’s a nice lens for Nikon DX camera’s. Lightweight, sharp, and fast at f/1.8
however, the price here is nothing special really.
No wareanty from Nikon! Now I can throw my lens in trash! Massdrop didnt give valid waranty card for inernational warranty, so Nikon repair service doesn't accept it!
First time I'm really mad at Massdroo, weeks passed, I only got their reply that there's only 30 day return policy and no warrant!
Really sad...
Hopefully they can solve this.
what happened to the lens? these cheap <$200 lenses are usually cheaper to either fix locally or just replace rather than sending back to nikon.
Autofocusing motor stopped working. Massdrop doesn't give warranty if lens is imported from international source to Massdrop and I didn't know that... So no Nikon warranty. After 1 month you can say bye bye to your lens if something happens to it...
Is this lens competeble with Nikon D3300 camera ? Can anybody owner of Nikon D3300 Camera make a reviewe if it is useful for Nikon D3300 ? Because I have bought my Nikon Camera as a package including two other lenses which usually the Nikon sales these lenses with the body together as a package . Very many thanks in advance .
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Thank you a lot gentleman rcampusa
Thank you very much expert photographer A agentcrm
I have shot maybe tens of thousands of photos with this lens - it's an amazing all-rounder. Fast AF, fast, sharp, decently close focus distance & juicy bokeh. desert island lens for DX format users... that said, not much of a discount
this is a meh lens, buy this knowing that this is the lower end.
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i mixed up sizing. i own an fx body and i own 50mm. which on a fx is 50mm, which is what 35mm is on a dx. it was an honest mistake. for a 35mm, on a dx body this is fine. personally id buy a used manual focus 35mm for about 400$.
in the end, i still dont suggest a g lens.
I would not recommend a 'G' lens at this point (assuming it has been supplanted by an equivalent E or P lens, which this one has not), mainly because it's a "legacy" lens-type, meaning it isn't necessarily going to be supported on newer cameras and probably is optically inferior to the newer version. All the G refers to is the fact that it has electronic aperture control, which is generally what you want. Pretty much all of Nikon's last generation lenses, including all of the pro lenses from that era, are G. D just means that the lens reports distance information to the body; it does not signify pro/consumer so much as it signifies a lens that's two generations back (that is, one generation older than G lenses). For example, I have the 50/1.8 AF-D prime and it's clearly intended for consumers. At the end of the day, this is Nikon's only "nifty-fifty"-type lens for DX users, so if someone wants this sort of lens, they don't exactly have a lot of choices (30/1.4 sigma is the other option).
Great lens (I own one myself) but saving a mere ten bucks off MSRP to purchase a gray market lens with no warranty - and which Nikon USA will flat out refuse to service even if you offer to pay - is a fool's errand IMHO.
8 dollars more on B&H with a warranty.
No warranty. I am always amazed that Massdrop sells all this gray market stuff so well. You are a fool if you buy gray market without some kind of warranty but almost no one wants to warranty gray market anymore. Not even square trade. Good luck to all who take the risk.
Wish I knew this when I bought one. I'm now having the problem that Nikon EU won't repair it... Sad. Thanks to the Massdrop...
I got one of these years ago and it remains one of my favorite lenses. It's a great inexpensive lens that is pretty versatile. It pairs very nicely with a fixed 50mm f/1.8
Save $6 from the amazon price to wait a month! What a deal. If you want an actual deal, get a lightly used one. There's plenty out there.
Not a very good deal in my opinion. The lens is fantastic but I think buying used is a much better investment. I bought mine off Craigslist very lightly used for $120 and on eBay there are many deals around the $160 range. The only thing that makes buying this lens new worth it is any warranties it may have attached to it. Paying $189 along with the relatively long delivery time doesn't seem like much or deal to me. You think if this is one of the only Nikon lenses they put on this website it would actually be a good deal.
As mentioned in other posts, careful shopping might find this for less. Regardless, as a former DX shooter, I strongly recommend this lens. It is awesome.
Ugh. Canon L lens after L lens and then this is what gets dropped for Nikon ?! Disappointing.
I understand your pain and trust me we are always looking to get great Nikon premium lenses.
A great deal, considering that shipment outside the US costs only $4.85.
Bought this lens from Best Buy with the actual warranty for 199.
Currently available at Amazon, B&H, and other authorized dealers for $166.95
For those who living in Europe, this will come with additional taxes (import fees)?
I bought a different product (earphones) from Massdrop about a year ago and those came with import tax, and I even had to pay for import tax when returning them to Massdrop.
I bought this at retail cost not too long ago. Drat and double drat!
Does it comes with Nikon's warranty?
Readily available elsewhere for the same or lower price.
You mean brand new under warranty?
Amazon and B&H have it for a bit more. I thought this was the 50mm AF. However, with no tax (for people living outside NY) from B&H the price difference is a bit more than $10 in CA. From Amazon, there are several authorized dealers selling at list with free shipping and no tax for people who don't live in their respective states. Obviously sales tax varies from locality to locality.
I don't get why anyone would buy this here. It's cheaper on Amazon and you get it much faster...
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Unfortunately where I live taxes push that to over $200. Just some options for those with higher tax rates as B&H has no tax and free shipping and Amazon ships in 2 days.
If people are willing to wait about the same amount of time as from massdrop I got a factory sealed 35mm f1.8 (this exact lens) on ebay (they're selling tons of them) for about $150 too. Bit more than a $2 discount.
I often see shipment costs around $15 but this one is $4.56. Is there a mistake or is it really this low? I mean people complain about shipment costs but they are often in the States and in my experience, for international shipment, $15 isn't that high. But this one threw me off.
Also has anyone got this shipped to Europe? I know that people are not kind to the shipments and I am worried that I won't be able to get it in one piece.
Have been using a 50mm f1.8 old school that I got with my N2020. Needs the focusing motor in the camera. So I have a D7200.
I like how this lens and camera handle the top lighting with an underline rim on the point light bokeh which come from bottle caps BTW. I am hoping the 35mm is in the same league . . . .
I will post something bad ass when my 35 arrives . . .
I know I am answering an old question but other readers may benefit. A prime reason to update from an old film lens is new digital era lenses have more anti-reflective coating inside the lens.
When I bought my first D80 body in 2007 I started buying old prime lenses from the 90s. I did notice many shots with reddish-green color artifacts. It took me years to understand the artifacts. They were the same reddish-green of the camera sensor. Light reflects off the glossy surface of the sensor and then in turn reflects off the back side lens element. Film is a flat finish and not prone to reflecting back light like that, so old lenses don't coat the back elements.
I have slowly replaced all those old lenses with modern versions. I even did A-B tests with old and new lens to confirm the new one does not get the reddish-green artifacts as badly. A bright light shining in-frame still will produce one.

This lens is definitely a must for any DX owner looking to expand his lenses beyond the kit one!
Sad there is no FX varriant
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yes it would be 50mm 1.4
just an FYI these are a bit less on other reseller sites right now with a hood and filter set. When you take into account the shipping rates. I was so hoping this would hit a bottom price closer to $$$ or so.
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Any specific reseller sites you're looking at? I can't find any better prices out there right now...
check ebay
Not know much about lenes, but would be benificial having this compared to an 18-55 lens for D5500 ?
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Thanks to all those that replied with info !
I thought it was 35mm focal length with a 52mm FOV on the DX while there would be vignetting on a FX body. And the FX 35mm is that focal length and FOV.