Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lenssearch

Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens

Nikon D3400 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens

Where's the price?
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I have one of these and I love it. I think I paid $499 for the two lens kit at Target during a holiday sale. Complaints - no mic jack, no auto cleaning sensor. Other than that, I love it. The Bluetooth can be quirky with new IOS updates, but generally works fine. Great starter camera.
So af-p lenses work? I thought only af-s worked
I've got this same camera with an AF-P 18-55 that works great, AF-S also works great.
Keep in mind this is an "international spec" (see description) camera and it is my understanding that cameras such as these, also referred to as "gray market" don't carry a USA warranty.
That is correct Zootan5.
Prices reflected as of Sunday 12/17

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Thanks idarerick!
You rock. Thanks for the help
This one is an old camera. I'd like to see the drop for Nikon D5600 body only.
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+1, Ken Rockwell is a shill. Worthless and contradictory reviews, but remains relevant by keeping his website associated with search results.
Haha. RockWell is ok if you know his biases. Reading his reviews crack me up sometimes. I’m sure he says this is the only camera you’d ever need unless you were shooting full time sports photography. lol
This collapsible lens has image stabilization and manual focus. In the past Nikon lenses always had switches on the lens to turn image stabilization on/off and to pick between auto and manual focus. How are those things accomplished with this lens? Thanks.
Menu system.
Thanks. Hadn't thought of that.
why i buy this need to Verify in my email..??
So they can tell you shipping has been delayed!
I actually own this camera (got a deal with the second lens at a total cost of $550USD!) It's a very good camera; and it's my first Nikon. I had only ever had Canon DSLRs before that, though at one point when I lived overseas I had a Nikon point and shoot. Overall I'm pleased with it, but it takes some learning. I'm not happy with the AWB settings, but I'm sure I can fix that in the menus. Having to "unlock" the lens and slide it to extension before you can take pictures is a little weird, but not that bad.
For $600.00 on amazon you get two lenses. The second zoom lens normally goes for $350.00.
At Costco it's at $600 with 2 lenses, 2 batteries, 32GB SD Memory Card, a carry bag and 90 return guarantee. Better overall deal, but if you have the glass and and just want this camera with an included lens this is better.
What do you guys think about this compared to all the $430 bundles of the D3300 on ebay? They come with a bunch more stuff but most of it is mostly nonsense it looks like.
Looking to buy my very first serious camera.
What is your budget??
The bundles on Amazon/Ebay are usually not the best. They include a lot of pieces, but the individual pieces are usually a lot of poor quality parts. I'm not sure of your skill level, but to really get started with one of these cameras, you really only need the camera and a few basic lenses, and then just go out and take lots of pictures. Once you find that you're limited by the equipment, then buy the accessories you need. My first 'serious' camera was the Nikon D3300, refurbished from Nikon ebay, a new NIkkor 18-55/f3.5 zoom lens, and a new Nikkor 55-200/f4.0 zoom lens. I think that set was around $400 USD. That's all I had for 8 months and often had better pictures than my friends who had a lot of gear, but didn't know what they were doing with it. I think my next purchase was a $15 lens hood, $50 polarizer, a better camera strap, and a 50mm/f1.8 lens for $100.
If you do go with one of these ebay/amazon sets, at the very least make sure the lenses are a good manufacturer and decent quality. If not, you'll likely find yourself wanting the better quality version in the future.
The current prices reflected as of last Sunday are:
Upon investigation, most of the $396/$399 prices have already gone up for this week back to their $496/$499 prices this week.
I'm scared to see something like this for a "cheap" camera. I know price is relative thought so I'm not complaining but still...
Your point being?
I'm just tapping into my business's database and was able to bring up a quick report compiled in a span of less than 5 minutes. Not too difficult to generate, and all of the data is at my fingertips. Keep in mind the d3400 had more hype a few months back so take what you will.
I can update this chart whenever, and even generate charts for other cameras as well. I can also cross-compare cameras if one so desires.
I was just trying to be helpful and if you're criticizing my posts and contribution to the discussion wall, no worries. In the future I'll just save myself the 5 minutes or you can save yourself the extra minute commenting on my post.
This gonna be my first DSLR Is it a good choice and well-worth priced?
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What would you be using the DSLR for?
Prices are as follows for the week of April 16, 2017

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Where do you find this excel file?
They're custom generated models my business makes for clients.
I work in data analytics and business intelligence.
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Could anyone help me with picking this (D3400) or a D5500. I'm leaning more towards the D5500, but I'm still not sure. Thanks!
Over the last number of years I'm finding Nikon is better value compared to Canon at the lower price points. Anyone else with recent experience?
I see those deals but I wonder how easy it will be to get one. I will hit up BB and Target on Thursday and see if they are available. I think you may have to camp out to get it.
Ladies and gents, BestBuy has this item for BF at 499.99 but you also get a second lens (70-300mm) AND free 32GB MicroSD.
Target is having a deal as well for $499 including 2 lenses
I was able to get this deal. $541 total with the extra lens.
Sounds about right, i paid $539 and some change for mine at Best Buy for black friday
I see quite a few black friday deals for Nikon D3400 with 2 lense bundle for 499. For additional 70$, i will be getting telescope lense as well
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Actually Costco has $300 OFF in store deal on two lens kit and the oringal price is $799, so... And Bestbuy also sell this kit for $499, just check their Black Friday poster.
Wow, I see the Target deal but not the Costco. That is a great deal even if the lenses are average.