Nikon D5600 w/ 18-55mm and 70-300mm (Refurbished)search

Nikon D5600 w/ 18-55mm and 70-300mm (Refurbished)

Nikon D5600 w/ 18-55mm and 70-300mm (Refurbished)

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So I take it that this drop does NOT include camera bag or SD card
It literally said three days yesterday. How is it inactive. I wanted one.
Do these come with the battery and charger as well? The "included" list doesn't explicitly mention them.
Yes, they should come with it.
For $60 more, you can easily find the D3400 with the 18-55mm and 70-300mm lens on ebay refurbished, I have yet to buy one with more than 700 clicks on them.

This really isn't a good drop.
You're comparing refurbished to new, I just recently bought my D3400 last week from B&H. Needed something to use while I wait for A7RIII next year. IDK about buying used, if you're looking to shave some dollars then sure buy used. Only problem is that they only come with 90 Day warranty. The standard for new is 1 year if you really care about that. You don't really know why the camera is refurbished and taking a gamble regardless of how well it was inspected and an unknown shutter count. Not really a fan of refurbished because you get what you pay for. If it's for something that I don't care that much refurbished is not bad. The only thing I would consider buying used are lenses as some cost an arm and a leg.

This is not a bad deal if you're looking for a NEW D3300 but I went with the D3400 because it's slightly newer. Both models are recommended entry level DSLR's by Ken Rockwell.
This is a straight-up fake deal for residents of Canada! You can have a D3300 with the 18-55 mm lenses for 540 CAD on but with this site it would cost 565 CAD. Please stop, Massdrop. Also, for the US, if shipping costs any more than 10$, it is litteraly cheaper on and they don't claim it's a "Special crowd-based deal" or anything like that.
I purchased this camera at the same price (USD $379.99) using Massdrop a few weeks ago. Although there is a USD $37.50 shipping fee to Canada, the final Massdrop price does not include Canadian duties and taxes.

When it arrived I was informed by Canadian Customs that I needed to pay an additional CDN $76.30 (USD $58.27).

This effectively negated any savings compared with purchasing the same camera and lens from retailers such as Amazon Canada or Best Buy Canada.

After foreign exchange fees and Canadian duties and taxes, the final price I paid for this camera is CDN $625.93 (USD $478.05).

I am very disappointed that Massdrop did not indicate that Canadian duties and taxes would be applied once the product ships to Canada.
Not all deals are good at Massdrop,you must do your research before buying.I seen some drops that cost more than in Canada.Custom and taxes are a hit and miss also.
They all come with the same lens. The warranty is not USA.
Does it mean if I will add 10$ I will still get the D3400+kit lens? and I understand that the warranty is world wide?
That is what I gather from reading the description. If you are seriously considering joining the drop, I suggest you look carefully at the 5300. For the extra $90 you get a lot more. The swivel screen for me is worth the upgrade alone. I also urge you to comparison shop for the final cost including shipping and taxes for your location. Cameras are pretty much a commodity these days and pricing is extremely competitive. I would also double check with Nikon Israel or in your region to make sure they will honor the warranty.
I also wanna know if this includes warranty, does it send to israel? and if I add the 10$ for the d3400 body, it doesnt come with kit lens?
Does this come with a warranty?
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