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1976 SA Keycap Set

1976 SA Keycap Set

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Flashback to the Colors of the '70s

The '70s were a time of great change, a decade remembered for its eccentric style and color choices. The 1976 keyset in SA uniform row 3 celebrates the colors of the '70s with the iconic red, orange, and yellow gradient that permeated the design and style of the decade. Of course, it wouldn't be the '70s without a generous helping of brown, and 1976 doesn't disappoint, surrounding the gradient with a field of brown accented in blue. The 1976 keyset brings all the garish glory of the '70s to your keyboard.

Note: Purchasing options center around a Base Kit covering the standard 60% layout, with child deals allowing for coverage of larger keyboards and those with non-standard and international layouts. Due to the uniqueness of the gradient colorway, specialty base kits are available for ErgoDox and Planck keyboards.

To see the current number of kits sold and current drop points - you can catch it on the flip-side.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Base Kit

Covers 60% keyboards.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Tenkeyless Kit - $19.99

The Tenkeyless Kit extends the base kit to cover a standard 87 key “tenkeyless” (TKL) layout.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Numpad Kit - $19.99

The Numpad Kit supports the number pad on a full-size keyboard as well as most stand-alone number pads. It features a deep-dish homing key as well as options to split the larger 0 key in to 0 and 00, and the larger + into + and =.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Novelties Kit - $31.99

The Novelties Kit brings the flavor of the '70s to your keyboard. It includes legends with common slang words and phrases. Custom graphic keycaps including Yin and Yang, Smiley Face, Peace Sign, and Flower allow you to add some '70s flair.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Planck Kit - $42.99

The Planck Kit addresses the Planck keyboard’s ortholinear layout. It provides a stand-alone keyset with a custom gradient and includes a larger number of 1u keycaps that are designed to work with the unique 1976 colorway.

1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set

Non-Standard Kit - $39.99

The Non-Standard Kit includes a large variety of keycaps to support keyboards with non-standard key sizes.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Colemak-Dvorak Kit - $29.99

The Colemak-Dvorak Kit provides keycaps to allow the Colemak and Dvorak layouts to be used with 1976’s color gradient. This kit is intended for use with the Base Kit. It is not compatible with the ErgoDox, Planck, or Alternate Gradient kits.

1976 SA Keycap Set

ErgoDox Kit - $47.99

The ErgoDox Kit addresses the unique layout of the ErgoDox Keyboard. It provides a stand-alone keyset with a custom gradient for each hand that results in a symmetric colorway. The kit also includes blanks to complete the layout.

1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set

ISO UK Kit - $17.45

The ISO UK Kit comes with the keycaps needed to adapt the Base Kit to the ISO UK layout.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Mac Kit - $14.99

The Mac Kit includes Option and Cmd keycaps to support Apple keyboard layouts with 1976’s gradient.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Nordic Kit - $36.99

The Nordic Kit supports several international layouts based around the QWERTZ layout.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Nordic Fix Kit - $7.99

The Nordic Fix Kit provides keys to correct errors and oversights in the first round of 1976.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Forums Kit - $6.99

The Forums Kit provides keycaps with legends for each of the three major online keyboard communities.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Alternative Gradient Kit - $17.99

The Alternative Gradient Kit provides keycaps to support moving the gradient to the right on the keyboard, for those who want things to be a bit more symmetric. The Base Kit must also be purchased.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Arrows Kit - $10.99

The Arrows Kit provides graphical arrows in both brown and contrasting blue.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Color Kit - $17.99

The Color Kit provides a variety of caps in the color of 1976 to accent your keyboard. It includes keycaps with the 1976 logo in 1u and 1.25u sizes.

1976 SA Keycap Set

Blanks Kit - $4.49 / Relegendable Kit - $24.99 / 6.25u Spacebar - $6.99 / 7u Spacebar - $6.99

  • Blue Blanks Kit

The Blue Blanks Kit includes four blank blue (VBV) 1u keycaps.

  • Red Blanks Kit

The Red Blanks Kit includes four blank red (OB) 1u keycaps.

  • Orange Blanks Kit

The Orange Blanks Kit includes four blank orange (OAS) 1u keycaps.

  • Yellow Blanks Kit

The Yellow Blanks Kit includes four blank yellow (YCB) 1u keycaps.

  • Brown Blanks Kit

The Brown Blanks Kit includes four blank brown (TGH) 1u keycaps.

  • Relegendable Kit

The Relegendable Kit provides 1u keycaps that have a clear removable top and a colored base.

  • 6.25u Spacebar

Standard spacebar.

  • 7u Spacebar

The 7u spacebar combined with Non-Standard Kit supports winkeyless layouts.

1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set
1976 SA Keycap Set


  • Designed by Engicoder
  • Produced by Signature Plastics
  • SA profile - Uniform row 3
  • ABS doubleshot legends
  • Cherry MX compatible


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Estimated ship date is July 29, 2016 PT.

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