Nitecore EA45S: 4xAA 1,000-Lumen Flashlightsearch

Nitecore EA45S: 4xAA 1,000-Lumen Flashlight

Nitecore EA45S: 4xAA 1,000-Lumen Flashlight

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Where's the price?
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This is still inactive/closed has been closed since minutes after the drop email was dropped. What the heck? Massdrop, I have bought a ton of stuff from you —- please offer this flashlight at an offer I can actually purchase (make it lower than this one because of all the troubles and frustration).
Why does MD keep sending emails for drops that are closed when I click on them?
It's not closed, it hasn't opened yet. If enough people show interest then nitecore will cut a deal.
No pocket clip?
A pocket clip would make no sense with the size and weight of this flash light.
"Because its body is molded from a single piece of liquified aerospace-grade aluminum"'s die-cast?
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dolljoints - Thanks for cutting through the jargon for us...
that's alright. it certainly is worded with a focus on being flashy over communicating clearly.
For what it's worth, I ditched mine after a year because the batteries would be dead every time I went to use it. Seems to drain the batteries inside a couple of weeks, even when it's off.
I have not experienced this myself with the one I own. It's one of my favorite flash lights and I have never had battery issues despite daily usage.
My issue is that I didn't have mine for daily use. It was an emergency use/blackout flashlight, and it would invariably be dead every time I went to actually use it.
I’m guessing 4 x 14500’s is a no go?
No, regular 1.5v AA and equivalents only.
Love this flashlight. One of my Favorite. Always have in my bag or car!!
Can the beam width be adjusted on this unit?
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Right... all those Chinese companies that fear getting sued
Exactly, Amazon is filled with very cheap adjustable beam lights that literally fall apart in your pocket. They are not afraid
Maybe if it had a charging port it would be worth fifty bucks...
Thanks, Massdrop! I'll pass on this - too heavy. But if you can arrane a drop on the NU25 headlamp, count me in!
I have the 18650 battery model of this and it's been amazing. After using those quick charge lithium cells, I don't know that I can go back to AA batts. Sure, you can buy them anywhere, but it's hard to beat rechargable lithium batteries. I have at least 4 nitecores, and all except the keychain ones are 18650 cells.
it has two buttons, one for mode and one for power? how does operation of this work; can somebody give me an example of use?
Turn it on with the power button, then select your brightness by cycling through the mode button. Flashlight can be set to remember the brightness mode you last used and will go to this when you turn it back on.
I am very excited that this is dropping again! I will be buying another. The one I bought previously is doing FINE. Even after getting some internal corrosion after I left it outside in -11C for a couple days and a battery cracked and leaked. Cleaned it up with electrical contact cleaner fluid and it's working right-as-rain. Even at 60 bux, I'll buy it. :)
Is there any chance that this flashlight will ship early? I'd order a couple if I could get them by 12/25.
I have paid for a nitecore head torch it has not been sent despite it passing the date on the deal. Massdrop still don’t know when it will be sent
After slightly more then a year and only pulling the battery cover off twice, the threads on the body of the torch are stripped out to the point of being unusable. Neither Massdrop nor Nitecore themselves were any help. Very disappointed, since I really liked this torch
Now this is a FLASHLIGHT!!! Possibly the best flashlight I have ever owned.
It's wonderful around the farm, (with shorter days, I'm moving hay after dark), it was a godsend when we had a wind-storm that took out power for a couple days. Hope they drop this again. I'll buy another.
I recommend owners of this light to look into purchasing a diffuser; Nitecore's NFD34 fits perfectly and can be found for a few dollars.
Since the beam profile is narrow and the hot spot is quite intense, the diffuser will light up a larger area in front of you and makes it easier on the eyes while focusing on nearby things, such as when reading.
I think it really turns it into an all-purpose light. It also doubles as a protective cap.


I picked one of these up the last go round. I wanted a nice bright and sturdy light that ran on easy to find batteries for emergency scenarios. I had 3 lights including this one for the recent evacuation for hurricane Irma. We were without power and a generator for about week where I had evacuated to.
I ended up liking this light so much that when I got power at my place and headed home I left this light with my family member who'd we'd been staying with since they weren't expected to get power back for at least a few more days and possibly a week.
The first thing I did when I got home was went on Amazon and picked up 2 more for about $70 per.
Now that I see it here, I am tempted to grab a 3rd or 4th.
$60 and free shipping on eBay. A hefty torch. Feels good in the hand, light transitions are solid. Highly recommend for EDC.
FYI Just purchased on eBay for $60, includes lanyard, and belt carrying case. Asking price was $71.99, made an offer for $55, and settled at $60. Free shipping, 10 day delivery. What's the deal, Massdrop? :(
is this thing really 1000 lumen.. sound marketing hype to me.. can anyone confirm this?
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Yep. Very focused, though. This is not a floody light.
I took mine on a recent trip to Africa - awesome torch, for sure. While on a 'night drive' with a Game Ranger driving, they handed out 2 other torches for folks in the vehicle to hopefully spot game. Well now - let me tell you that when we came upon 1 Male Lion, 2 females, a family of Rhino, and a spotted hyena, I broke out my torch and it was as good as the ones that were provided on the drive. This was in Kruger just outside of Skukuza. Buy this with confidence!
Any improvements on the quiescent power draw?
"liquified aerospace-grade aluminum" lmao, do they mean cast? No clue what is trying to be said in marketing speak here.
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It is indeed cast.
It's great that these flashlights are made of aerospace aluminum, but I'm concerned that our airplanes are made of flashlight (and tent pole) aluminum.
I'd be in for a EC4S (the 2x 18650 2150Lm version of this flashlight), but this is lackluster due to the use of AA cells.
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> a good rechargeable lithium cell over a comparable NiMH or primary
You should have a look at 'KENTLI' lithium 1.5V AA (&AAA) rechargables, good stuff. e.g. Allows you to lithium but have conventional AAs as backup source. Perhaps a Drop for these are in order?
I admit those are pretty neat (considering that they are the proper voltage vs. most lithium replacements) however I would be afraid to be the beta tester for unknown Chinese cells (especially lithium that unlikely to be properly protected cells) could end up losing a lot more than just the investment in the cells, or even the flashlight it was put into.
BEFORE PUTTING BATTERIES IN: Remove the silica gel packet ("Do not eat" packets, little white baggie) that is in the area where you put the batteries. I didn't see it at first and was confused at why the end was so hard to get on; turned out I was ramming that little packet against the battery contact, nothing broke, but was a pain to get out and clean up since it had tore against the contact.
yes! it's stuffed WAY down in there, too. I had to get my long needle nose pliers to get that sucker out.
Ahh! Should really say in the manual!
Got mine today. Great overall light, but does need a sheet of printer paper wrapped around each stack of batteries to stop all the rattle (Energizer L91 lithiums).
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Isn't "generic Duracell" an oxymoron? :p
Hah, yeah, sorry meant the "normal" Duracell AA - not the "Ultra Lithium" etc.
I saw this drop being advertised with 21 hours left, but it is closed. Please bring it back!
I have this light and th cr123 version. Great lights in some ways but one BIG warning: both of mine have terrible parasitic drain caused by a bad switch design (i.e., the light uses battery power even when switched off).
As a result you cannot put this light in a drawer with the batteries inserted. The batteries will be dead in a couple of weeks even if you don't use the light.
Maybe this his has been fixed in later iterations but I'm skeptical and would get confirmation before buying.
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This seems to be an intermittent problem with both this and the 18650 version. Seems to effect some, and not others.
I purchased the ASTROLUX SC a while back, and have the same issue with the lighted control switch that stays lit all of the time. No way I can keep it in a drawer and expect it to not to drain the battery after a week or two. In my case, this is definitely a design flaw.
Just received mine, the battery compartment looks like it went through a war. I wish we were being told we were getting refurbished products.
Sorry to hear that, we'd like to make sure you get the 100% new item that you ordered.
This was not a drop for refurbished items; we sell very few of those items and those we do will be very clearly marked as such.
If you have not already submitted a help ticket, please do that in My Transactions tab of your member profile so we can have the vendor send you a replacement.
I got this in a previous drop and its a great torch. It does get warm though, so the cooling fins do help.