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Nitecore EC4GT LED Flashlight

Nitecore EC4GT LED Flashlight

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What is with the crazy shipping to Canada? We need a
From this line in the specs, I wouldn’t expect batteries to be included:

Battery type: 2 x 18650 / 4 x (R)CR123A (not included)
The water ingress depth needs to be added to the description. It's 2M (6.5ft.), so it's IPX-8, but just barely. Some torches with like rating are 100M+.
35 dollars ship to Canada....?
I can buy the same light on banggood for 70 dollars with free shipping and I will not need to wait for as long....
I was thinking the exact same thing...
Actual Weight? Massdrop says 3.2 oz. Nitecore says 6.03 without batteries. And does this drop include batteries?
If this were rec hargeable out of the box I'd jump on it. Not up for buying Li-Ion batteries, rechargeable or otherwise, for a premium device like this. Seems like an awesome flashlight though, generally speaking.
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You can buy a sumsang 30Q for 7 dollars...which is quite nice battery for that price....also it is high drain...push out 20 A. is unprotected.
It would have a battery inside anyway even it was rechargeable...and it is always better to recharge the battery by itself since a lot of built-in recharges can not recharge the battery to its full voltage.
Can anyone comment on the beam color temp? Thanks!
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I understand the point of a flashlight like this is its bright, long throw. And that cool LEDs are more efficient at providing this.

I'd be on board for a neutral color rendition at the expense of some throw and brightness, however.

There's something about cool and blueish light that I personally don't like. It's perfectly usable, but makes the experience a little unpleasant to my eye.
Me too...I got all of my light in neutral white if I can....
the tint of the light won't effect the will appear not as bright.
However, I hate cool light due to the fact that the depth of view on the cool white is really bad, everything seems like in the same surface and colours under those light are always wrong...
My ec4s has issues with the battery discharging while it's just sitting unused. I believe it was something to do with the switch. Did they fix that issue with this model?
It can not be fixed...all electric switches will have the same problem...only lights have no such problem would be a back mechanic clicky one. you can remove the battery while you are not using it much or hold both switch down for a second to lock the light so it will drain almost nothing compare to what it would unlocked.
Does this drop include any battery at all?
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