Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM16search

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM16

Nitecore Tiny Monster Flashlight - TM16

Where's the price?
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$125.47 from Amazon, and I'd have it before the weekend. I'd need the batteries from AMZN anyways...

What am I imissing?
plus they're out of stock now, you jinxed it.
No sir, has sent been available in a while
I understand this is one of the models that has been discontinued by Nitecore
You are correct.
Darn, this "tiny monster" is not so tiny.
What's the best battery for this? Thanks.
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Please explain your name.
Okay, so I screwed that up.
The batteries that I recommended are great for vapes and anything else that needs an unprotected 18650, but I just figured out the hard way that the 16 of them I bought will not work in this flashlight ... at all.
Sorry for any confusion my error may have caused. Hopefully you aren't also stuck trying to figure out how to make use of a bunch of otherwise badass batteries. (Maybe I'll build a drone?)
I did find and order the ones that will.
Nitecore NL 1835 HP's have the internal protection circuitry in each cell, and are current-limited to 8 Amps.
Here's the link:
Does this new drop include batteries?
The light without batteries or charger seems to be trending at about $160 although one seller on Amazon has it for $110 with free shipping.
This drop isn't displaying the shipping price. Please include it.

EDIT: nevermind, if you join drop and go to the confirmation page it then shows shipping.
Did these start shipping? I just received a notification from UPS that Massdrop was shipping me a package and it would arrive this Saturday. This is the only drop I'm participating in so I'm not sure what else it would be.
I could cook a hotdog on the turbo setting...
Good price for a great flashlight.
Anyone know if this is the neutral white tint or cool white tint?
Most likely Cool White.
Maybe should talk in terms of color temp which is much more accurate rather than word terms that can vary from reader to reader
No Batteries?
Batteries are not included in this
Thank You