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Nitecore TIP 2017 Keychain Light

Nitecore TIP 2017 Keychain Light

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This may have already been mentioned below but I wanted to warn people that aren't familiar with this light. Overall it is a great light but it's major flaw is the proclivity to turn on in your pocket (lock mode or no). Trust me, it's kind of embarrassing when a security approaches you at the mall and says "is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you happy to see me?". Check out the jetbeam jet-1 if you want something with comparable abilities.
The Jetbeam Jet-1 (cylindrical) takes an AA battery, and is almost a full inch longer, and a quarter inch wider. I would think a Jetbeam looks more like a "flashlight" in one's pocket, whether lit or not.

A Nitecore Tip appeals to someone looking for a thinner, "keychain"-size flashlight with a built-in rechargeable battery. Conveniently charges right alongside your smartphone. Let's face it, for pocket carry, if something isn't thin enough, it isn't going to make it into the EDC rotation. To be honest, my older-version one would turn on accidentally about once every week or two weeks. For me, it wasn't that big of a deal. With the 30-sec auto shutoff of the newer version, it's probably a non-issue now. I have lots of AAA and AA "mini" flashlights, but guess which flashlight actually goes on my keychain?
To each their own. The above comments were my experience with the TIP. As to the difference in dimensions, I concur. I was indicating that I find the brighness of the two to be comparable (though I do believe the Jetbeam has a longer field of throw) I should have clarified. Thanks.
Wait--the email invitation to this Drop shows the CRI version (and the copy reads "Outfitted with a Nichia 219B LED..."), but the details here are for the regular version--which version will ship?
I have owned an older version of the TIP and used it daily. In just over a year of what I would consider frequent use, I managed to destroy two of them. So while I consider them to be very useful, I do not think they are a great value at this price. On both of the ones I wore out, the rubber seal over the buttons would eventually pull itself out of place, exposing the switches beneath. To be fair, I was pretty rough on mine; I wore them on my keychain which was attached to a lanyard around my neck so they took a lot of wear and tear while I was working. Your mileage may vary.
Too bad this isn't the high-CRI version. I'd love to get some as gifts (in fact I had ordered a couple in a drop a few years back, that ended up cancelled).
$29.99 on Amazon and you can get it in two days.....
i paid it 17$ on Gearbest :-))
Not an amazing price, and if I was gonna carry one in my pocket I'd rather have the LA10 lantern which doesn't turn on unless you screw it and runs on a double A battery you can find everywhere. Or pay more and get a proper light thrower if you must
the nitecore tip can be locked by pressing both buttons at the same time. To unlock it, you have to press both buttons simultaneously again. With that being said, my tip has never turned on in my pants when I locked it.

edit: oops, this older version does not have this lock. You might be right :o
Did they already sell out or did something happen to the drop?
The 2017 model does not have a UI lockout but the clip is reversible so u can cover the buttons. It works great as a lockout and u can still turn on the light with the clip covering the buttons and it will not turn on by accident in your pocket. I have the cree and the cri versions and they are great lights but u can find them way cheaper with shipping that does not take forever.
The problem with the UI lockout on the older versions was it drained the battery. The clip is a great solution to that issue.
Agreed with your comment about the lockout, I had the exact same issue so had to stop using that feature. It's unfortunate as it's a great light for its size.
Standard micro-USB charging port, or proprietary cable?
Standard micro USB charging port
Much thanks!
Nice light but I stopped using mine because it goes off in my pocket, even if I have the lockout feature enabled. Yes, I have one of the newer models but sometimes if I lean up against a counter or have other objects in my pocket both buttons get pressed and the light goes on. I carry a different light instead that has a head you must twist to engage the light - works much better for me.
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Battery drain wasn't the problem - the light going off in my pocket WAS the problem. The light still activated even though I tried the lockout feature. Poor design.
Thanks for the feedback. That really should be a design highlight for this type of product. Sticking with my Cooyoo Quantum.
Did the drop get cancelled? I just got a credit back to my AmEx...
Yup. MD sent an email a few days ago, I think, regarding this. I’d like to know who messed up tho.