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Nixeus Moda V2 Mechanical Keyboard

Nixeus Moda V2 Mechanical Keyboard

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Is this backlit LED? Can it be modded to take translucent caps and in switch LEDS?
Nope, not backlit at all. Unsure about modding that in, but IMO it's not worth it on such a budget model.

only $5 more on Amazon and you don't have to wait 3 years for it to ship. :) Sorry Massdrop, get better dealz...
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That's what I meant by " (with OK letter printing, though I heard it wears off fast) ".
Interesting price. Too bad there's no Spanish layout :/
“...and dedicated multimedia keys.”
Maybe I misunderstand the use of dedicated here, but it looks like the multimedia keys are shared with the function keys to me.
The price is a few bucks higher on Amazon, but that one comes with Kailh switches instead of Outemu.

Bought it there a while back and it's a pretty good budget mech keyboard, with Kailh Brown being a bit stiffer and springier than MX Brown. Good as a starter keyboard. Basically one of the cheapest (if not *the* cheapest) mech keyboards with good-ish non-linear switches that you can find, with the added bonus of a having a semi-steel build.
I received one from Amazon this week. It looks like they switched to Oetemu there as well. I like the Oetemu blue though.
Is the cord detachable?
If it's the same model in the picture (it's not the latest refresh) then no, it doesn't have a detachable cable.
$26 shipping???????
I would have bought 3 more (got one in the last drop), but $60+ in shipping is a 4th keyboard... is there a UK nixeus reseller?
How's the compatibility with linux and mac os for the multimedia shortcuts?
Mine has arrived after a week in various warehouses (DHL weren't really on the ball)... first impressions: the key action is nice, the case is a lot darker than I expected (I was hoping for something more like my aluminium MBP), the key printing on the replacement mac keys is a bit smeary, and a totally different font to the rest of the keys! (bold vs light, and option is dark grey instead of white). So, great deal if you are intending to replace the caps anyway, especially for $60.
Mine just arrived!

As my first foray into mechanical keyboards, I quite like the feeling over my old mac keyboard. I just want to sit around typing things right now, but sadly I have no papers to write or any work to do... What a shame.....
nixeus , It's worth noting that I can get this on Amazon Prime new right now for less and receive it before I get this Massdrop delivered. I think Massdrop should just give up on cheaper items and focus more on special rare/customized items.