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Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard

Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard

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Full-Sized Keyboard

A Topre clone that comes with PBT keycaps with Cherry stems and at half the price, the Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard brings the performance you're looking for in an easily attainable package. With a typing feel that bridges the gap between mechanical and rubber dome boards and a 108-key layout that works well for any computing needs, this keyboard makes your typing a breeze and keeps everything else refreshingly basic.

Note: At check-out, you have your choice between 35 g or 45 g switches.

Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard

Electro Capacitive Switches

A first for Noppoo, this keyboard utilizes a unique electro capacitive switch instead of standard mechanical models. The switch features a slider housed by a rubber dome over a conical, coiled spring and a printed circuit board, giving you the silent operation of rubber dome keys and the reliability of their mechanical counterparts. With only limited resistance coming from a soft tactile bump and individually weighted keys to keep a consistent feel, you’ll fall in love with typing all over again.

Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard


The keyboard comes topped with PBT keycaps with laser-etched legends, and if you’d rather swap out the stock options for something with more pizazz, the switches are compatible with Cherry MX style keycaps. Backed by an aluminum plate and a POM cross column base, the Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard may not have the bells and whistles of competing products, but its solid structure and simplicity of use make it an ideal computing instrument.

Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard
Noppoo Electro Capacitive Keyboard


  • Noppoo
  • 108 key layout
  • Electro capacitive mechanical switches
  • 35g or 45g switches
  • PBT keycaps
  • Laser-etched legends
  • Cherry MX style keycap compatible
  • POM cross column and base
  • Aluminum plate reinforcement
  • Attached USB cable
  • 38.69 oz (1096.84 g)


  • 1-year warranty


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Estimated ship date is Oct 31, 2014 PT.

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