NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)search

NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)

NovelKeys Kailh Sample Pack (27 Switches)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Please add the two missing switches!
What's missing other than the Box Royals?
Still missing Box Royal :(
I'm gonna need a bigger switch tester if I get these...
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I should've hopped on the scrabble board drop from a while back!

Your welcome :)

Also as a note this tester pack is mising 2 kailh switches the recently released Box Royal and the upcoming limited run Novelias.
I don’t understand why you would join this drop when Novelkeys has it for ~$1 more and you can get it within a week. I bought the pack from Novelkeys after this drop started and have already received it! This drop was great in that it notified me that such a sample pack exists, I do appreciate that. But I just can’t support this drop with the shipping differences.
alipay 50 for 16$
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please elaborate?
I have ordered 50 kailh box switches from . which include shipping is 15.48$
You can buy these for less money right now via NovelKeys. I just did for 19 something shipped. I'm not sure what the point of this drop is, then?
Actually this is cheaper than what I offer on my store as this has free shipping for USA.
I wish that this dropped later so Box Royal was included.
Pointless drop. You csn get it from novelkeys for 19.93 without waiting for ever.
$10 shipping for a $18 pack of 27 switches? It costs less to ship an entire keycap set, and I've paid the same for shipping an entire TKL. Why?
Is the numpad, mentioned in the description, included?
If it is the same product like over at novelkeys, it will only be the switches
It says "you could put them on *a* numpad" not "you could put them on the included numpad"

there is also a list of everything included, which does not show a numpad
Is there a list somewhere that notes the characteristics of each of these switches?
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Thank you!
That is perfect