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Hey all!
I wanted to give an update on this order. The production of the pads is completed and the they are currently in transit to me.
Everything so so far is right on schedule.
Updates: - July 23, 2018 - All deskpads have been shipped. Drop complete. - July 20, 2018 - Almost all deskpads have been packaged up. Most will be shipped out today, and the rest will be shipped out on Monday. - July 19, 2018 - Deskpads will start to arrive today. Packaging will begin today as well. Everything will be shipped out by Monday. Thanks! - July 9, 2018 - Deskpads have been cleared from customs. It will still take around a week to be delivered to me. Once delivered, we will immediately start packaging. - July 4, 2018 - Deskpads are still stuck in customs. We are doing everything we can to get these delivered to me, but for now it is a waiting game at the port with customs. - June 27, 2018 - Deskpads are currently stuck in customs, but have arrived stateside. Hopefully they wont be stuck for too long. - June 25, 2018 - Deskpads are still in transit to me. Should be getting them early July. Once they arrive, I will update this post again.
A good opportunity to tidy up a little bit my desk...

Build info on the second light up TKL keyboard?
The Input Club K-Type from Massdrop with maxkeys Miami SA keyset. Lights just configured to match the key colors.
received mine with some wrinkles on it, wonder if there is a way to fix? will steam ironing the top be fine?
Set mine up today!
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I feel this on a personal (but smaller) level. Much love for Miami
shout out to college algebra!
Just got mine, it's great! It's unfortunately got some really resilliant Manufacturing Smell left on it that hasn't dissipated in the week or so I've had this, is it safe to wash?
The mat came in today. It feels nice. The nights pattern looks good. It's almost exactly the same width as the kazaira extended 2xl I've been using. Depth is maybe 1.5 to 2 inches less than the kazaira. They look to be almost, if not exactly, the same thickness. The threading on the novelkeys mat seems to be about the same as the kazaira mat but has greater friction/less glide.
The only real negative for me is that the black sections of the mat aren't really all that dark. They're like the black-grey color you get from some monitor display types. The kazaira mat is a much darker black. You can see the difference in the top section as the novelkeys mat is on top of the kazaira one.
Overall, definitely worth $15 + shipping.
Agree with what you said as I also got the night version. Still, a nice mat for the pricing.
If anyone is willing to sell their Pink and Blue Desk Mat for the right price, let me know. Ill obviously pay for shipping + the product.
anyone willing to sell his Miami night mouse mat? Let me know :)
I joined this drop on April 12th, and now it says the product wont even ship until the 25th of July???? what
It had that date from the beginning. A lot of drops don't ship until later.
me want now ye ;3
Anyone get one of these and are willing to sell it? I missed this drop and really want one of the pink ones. It perfectly matches my keyboard.
Will there be a mouse pad to match Laser in the future?
Ok, I want one, the black one looks great:
Hmmmm. Maybe I'll just spread out the shipping cost with TWO mats, there shouldn't be that big an increase, and I have a use for it, no problem:
While I dont control the shipping costs or the labels, I am pretty sure this is due to the weight of the mousepads causing the order to go from First Class International to Priority International. First Class can only handle up to 4 pounds.
Yeah, seems like that's what's happening. Appreciate your work. Cheers!
I have been looking at this the past few days unable to decide which one I want lol
Is there a NovelKeys Miami Desk Mat but in a smaller form factor so it can be used as just a mouse pad?
Unboxing and overview of the previous crop of Novelkeys desk mats (Laser, Godspeed, Ares) if anyone wants a better idea of what to expect with this Miami Desk/Mouse Mat drop:
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Did you get any? Or do you get to keep all the samples for yourself? 🤔
HAH! We didn't get samples for this round! All rendering :p (unfortunately)
shipping cost is crazy. could mass drop negotiate some deals with major couriers and get a lower shipping CONUS?
While I don’t have the complete knowledge of Massdrop relationships, the price is in line with what my commercial pricing is for shipping.
These pads are huge and heavy.
which colour should I get for my light beige desk?
My buddy's setup. I picked up the miami nights theme, hope he digs it! My first drop ever joined btw.
I like the idea, but it's not the skyline I'd choose. I'll keep watching to see if another city is made.
It's Miami because... it goes with the Miami colorway. It wouldn't make any sense to be another city.
$21.75 USD shipping to Australia for a $15 mouse mat. Oh well I didn't want it that much anyway.
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Did you get the Ares & Laser mat already? Still waiting here...
I participated in Mike's GB on his store, not the Massdrop one which came a little after, so yeah I did receive it.
A bit overpriced yes, but I will buy them...kicking myself about missing out on those Heat jerseys
The shipping cost is justifiable, but I managed to buy two of them to compensate the shipping cost. Financially unreasonable since I only need one but mentally satisfying...
Well... my cat needs it !


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Such a lovely cat!
those paws �😍
I thought it was reversible.
I was disappointed too.
It looked like it was at first glance.
I need that pink clueboard.
I bought Laser and Godspeed Ares mat in the last GB on Mike's website. I don't need these...
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The Laser mat looks really good. Even better once the key caps come in.
Oh yeah, I can't wait! I have two builds planned for GMK Laser. Pink Pearl/Brass Plate/Brown Alps/Nexus Alps to MX Sliders/GMK Laser Purple Espectro96/Brass Plate/Box Royals/GMK Laser
I just finished my newest keyboard this week (image attached).
this is so perfect
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Sweet, thanks!
I have one too! It's such an awesome keyboard.
What keycaps are in the photo?
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It is!
Oh my god I love it but... I'm getting Laser! Now if you made one with this design but in Laser colors I don't know if I could control myself.