NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switchessearch

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches

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Grime-Resistant Switches, Now With a Thicker Clickbar

Great for those who are a bit messier at the keys, Kailh BOX switches are IP56 rated to keep dust and moisture out. Created with a box around the cross stem instead of the cross stem just sticking up, they’re built to avoid corrosion and debris buildup. The box extends to the contact plate and leaf, providing extra protection. The Thick version of the switches features a thicker clickbar for a deeper sound than before, the Heavy version of the BOX series is heavier than before for those who prefer a little more effort in their keypresses. . The feel is slightly more substantial. Utilizing the already popular Cherry MX form, Kailh BOX switches provide an easy transition so you don’t have to let go of your existing keycap collection. The MX-compatible stems provide a secure fit for any keycaps, PCBs, or plates you might want to assemble.BOX Navy features the same spring as the BOX Pale Blue, with 60g operating force. BOX Jade features the same spring as the BOX White, with 50g operating force.

Note: At checkout, choose 70 or 110 (+ $9) BOX Thick Navy, Jade, Heavy Dark Yellow, or Pale Blue switches (- $3).

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches
NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches
NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches
NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches

About NovelKeys

The NovelKeys name was inspired by founder Mike Sickler’s wife. When checking out a set of novelty keycaps from SA Camping, Mrs. Sickler thought it’d be clever to call those particular keycaps "Novelkeys." Eventually, the joke stuck and became the name of the company. NovelKeys originally started with mechanical keyboard–related products made with 3D-printing techniques. Since then, the company has worked with Kaihua Kailh to design exclusive switches in different variations of weight/feedback to satisfy mech keys enthusiasts around the globe.

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BOX Jade
BOX Navy
BOX Pale Blue
BOX Dark Yellow


  • MX compatible
  • IP56 waterproof
  • Thicker clickbar
  • 70 or 110 switches
  • BOX Navy - 60g operating force, tactile
  • BOX Jade - 50g operating force, tactile
  • Box Heavy Dark Yellow - 70g operating force, linear
  • BOX Heavy Pale Blue - 60g operating force, tactile


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