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NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Switches

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Just got box navies today and switched out the arrow keys for now. Wow, very clicky! If I had to compare them to another key I would say they are comparable to MX greens. Very tactile as well, much more than my Pale Blues. I honestly can'd decide which one I like better at this point. Navies are more tactile and clicky, but Pale Blues are more smooth. Both are excellent though, and I'll have to switch out the entire keyboard and go through a sew typing sessions to be sure.

Included sticker is a nice touch. Does anybody know if the sticker is removable? It doesn't seem all that sticky.
Just finished replacing my board with the Navies.. and oh boy, I will be annoying a whole bunch of people at work ;)
Are these switches compatible with LEDs?
Yes and no. The click bar interferes if you try to mount a 3mm either below or above the switch housing. A 1.8mm LED soldered to the PCB beneath the switch will work just fine though, and will still shine through. I've got RED 1.8mm LEDs underneath the Box Navies on my DZ60 and it looks fantastic.
so angry i just missed this. If anyone ordered an extra set of jades please pm
you can still order from their sight. It will cost a little bit more, but they will ship it to you faster.
Do they work with O-rings (I have a SA profile = room for big O-rings)?
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You can't use O-Rings with Signature Plastics SA profile caps. You would need like 2-3 really fat ones and it just doesn't feel right. Someone on r/mk made a post about this like 3 years ago, I would look around and try to find that post.
interesting thanks, I didn't think it would matter what profile, but I guess the stem attachment part would be fatter?
Still waiting for the "Super Switch Tester (63 switches)" and the Massdrop CTRL to arrive before purchasing this. I want to jump the gun so bad.
Holy moly on those box navies I just received today. I love how super clicky and loud these ”thick click navies” I ordered at Novel Keys, and it’s nice I don’t have to lube them.

I might have to order the box jades before I decide which to put on my EOTW Preonic. Thank you Novel Keys for adding stickers.

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we'll bring back the thic clicks later in June, stay tuned :)
Sounds great ty. Any chance of a linear option as well?
Still haven't gotten my Box Jade from the last drop and they are dropping them again?
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After reading a few of these, I decided not to go with this drop :/ I'll have to check back and see if things are looking better, but I probably just buy off Ebay where the shipping dates are not an issue. Keep me posted!
I love my Box Navies, but there's something you should consider before installing them.

I found that the switches were a very tight fit going into the plate, and much harder to get out because of this. Spreading a little lube around the edges of the hole in the plate fixed this.

The keycaps were also very tight and had to be pushed quite hard to get them all the way in. I ended up putting lube on both the stem and the keycap before it was easy enough to move.

Of course, your conditions might be different. But I'd recommend installing and removing one switch before comitting to the whole keyboard.
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I was looking at the KIRA, and it looked awesome, but holy crap, $240? IDK about that, but looks neat, hope they can actually come out with it, cuz I'm not spending that much without more info about production and dates etc... Maybe MD will take the %100 size hot swap design and push it forward. Hope so.
I also think this is an issue with the board plate rather than the switches. I have the K-Type and the cause seems to be the rounded corners on the cut-outs of the plate. Its not a huge deal though, It shaves off the corners ever so slightly.
I bought the Pale Blue Boxes a couple drops ago and I was wondering if anybody else here are having trouble with key chatter? There are certain key combos that sometimes make double taps of the same letter. For example, for the past few days I had trouble with my R key until I switched the switch with a function row key that I don't use often. Seems ok now, but I had other keys behaving like this in the past, like my M key. Is there a tendency for the box switch mechanism to fire twice in certain situations? I can't seem to reproduce the error consistently so it can be kind of frustrating.
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I used to have a KBD75 with Box Brown, immediately after finished building the keyboard some of the switches (4 or 5) are very quick to register, a simple tap to the keycaps (not even a push like you usually type) register the key multiple times. Swapped the switches and it's all going back to normal. But a couple of weeks later a couple of switches suffer the same problem, a simple tap register the keys multiple times. I ended up replacing all the switches with another switches (definitely not Kailh Box) and no problem whatsoever until now (3-4 months).
Have you tried any Box linear? I was thinking about trying them, but I guess the point of box is mainly the click or tactile versions... Any thoughts?