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NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Thick Clicks Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Thick Clicks Switches

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* July 30, 2019 - There have been some recent reports of customer's experiencing issues with BOX switches and GMK keycaps. Because of this, I have worked/talked to Kailh to get to the bottom of this. For the long explanation, go to my reddit account and see my latest post. The issue will be resolved, but this is going to delay this drop. I apologize for the delay, but I would rather have this issue fixed asap. I should be able to still get this round shipped out by the middle of September.
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They are within Kailh's spec sheets. Within their tolerances. Thats what I meant by that. Thanks for understanding!
Just to clarify, so I know my understanding is correct: The switches were made to a specification designed for one manufacturer who was using an atypical size, so all of the switches were made to that size at the time, and the sizing was never changed, which is why some people are experiencing problems, and the new batches will be made to a more universal or general sizing specification that should not cause standard keycaps to break?
Can this drop be reopen since the order is being delayed..? Missed this one and would love to get in on it
I’m so glad this drop has been delayed to address this issue, I’m really looking forward to trying my first box switches and was worried this might mar my experience. Great decision and I hope the issue is rectified.
With all the recent shenanigans going on about box switches, I don't know how I should feel about my drop on this...
I'll have an update on this soon.
Should have waited on my keyboard I recently built. Anyways, I got navy blues and they're honestly one of the best switches I ever used in my life. Granted I prefer a heavy switch, and these are pretty heavy.
Hmm good price but have to wait too long...
Straight from Novelkeys they're ~$41 shipped for 110, so you're saving <$8 but waiting 3 months for it. I'd rather just buy straight from Mike since then he's getting a better cut and I don't wait 3 months for $8 difference.
Novelkeys is really good at delivering their stuff. I wouldn't say it's going to take the actual length stated.
I recently went from cherry mx browns to box jades and I love it. I'll still buy boards with browns, but these have taken the new top spot. They're definitely loud. They're not far off my buckling spring kb, but the sound signature is higher in pitch. On the other end, they're a little louder than blues, but with a much lower pitch.

The action is fabulous. I'll be strung up for saying it, but I prefer it to my buckling spring kb.
I got some Box Jades direct from NovelKeys a few months ago, and I freakin' love these switches. Admittedly, this is the first set of "exotic" switches I've tried, but Jades perfectly satisfy my need for switches that are clicky but relatively light. They're slightly heavier than the Gateron Blues I've been using in my TADA68, but you can only notice it if you're feeling them side-by-side.

My ideal click is loud and deep, and the Jade click is wonderfully loud. It's slightly higher in pitch than a traditional clicky switch, but I've found that the type of keycap affects the pitch much more strongly than anything else. (To get that really deep pitch, I had to invest in some SA caps. With SA caps, Blues and Jades sound virtually the same.)

Just sharing my experiences for anyone else recently snagged into the murky hole of custom keyboards ^^'
Man, the Box Navy's look like they might be my dream switch. I hope Massdrop makes a split keyboard, like the Mistel Barocco, or better yet, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge, to go with the CTRL and ALT. Perhaps they could call it the SPACE.
That's brilliant.
Is it true that these switches do not suffer from hysterisis, like the cherry clicky switches do?
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To be honest I don't really have much technical knowledge regarding hysteresis, so I can only speak for my experience. When I think of hysteresis, I am thinking of difficulty in rapidly depressing a key twice. The easier it is, less hysteresis. I think this also correlates to how easy it is to accidentally keep the key depressed from just the weight of your fingers. I have this problem with MX Blues where I will press a last letter, and don't realize that I am continuously pressing it because the reset point is too high up, or because the spring isn't stiff enough. Please correct me if my interpretation of hysteresis is wrong. And if I am correct in my understanding of the concept, I really can't see how hysteresis is a positive character in any switch at all.
Sorry if i misunderstood the question. I was basing my answer off of elastic hysteresis
Long version:
Short version:
When you deform something (a spring in this case) it may not return the same amount of energy you put into it when it returns to its resting position.
If you compare the blue line and the orange line the larger the area between the 2 the more energy is lost (hysteresis)

It sounds like you're describing the actual electrical contact that the key press makes, in which case, I have not used these so I can not contribute :P
Are these RGB compatible? Would they work on the ALT (and let light through)?
Yes they will.