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May. QQ!!!!!!!! 3 months. Threeeeeeeeee
QQ these are worth the wait...
I just want to get rid of my Outemu Blues already... :(((
all in!
To the Canadian folks: Is there any other place to buy the Kailh BOX Navy switches cheaper?
Although the actual cost will be more than double the price for me (Canadian), I'm still willing to buy them.
KBDfans sells Navy/Jade for a pretty good price and they offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $50 - not sure how much cheaper/more expensive that'd be for you though, but it's probably worth you taking the time to check.
It's $2 USD cheaper, but it's on pre-order.
I love these switches (Box Navy); I currently use them on my K-Type.

I would've advised you to just get the switches straight from Novelkeys since you are only saving a couple dollars and are gonna have to wait a few months by getting them off massdrop. However it seems they (Box Navy) are sold out at the moment and I don't know when he expects another batch.

Either way; these switches are awesome would 100% recommend.
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The speed navy switches are in stock. They are the same thing except feature a standard cross stem, 1.1mm actuation and 3.5mm travel. I can consistently actuate before the click. These are better than the box navies because of the normal stems.
On the contrary you very much DON'T want the switch to actuate before the click. That was the general main complaint with the bronze switches. If you prefer it that way the more power to you; though I'm sure most people would rather have the tactile feedback initiate at the time of actuation/a little before since the tactile bump tends to make you bottom out anyways. May as well go linear if you are trying to avoid the tactile bump/click.
how good are these? compared with cherry mx?
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wow this is really a strong statement! I will buy both then!
Cherry has the brand name and sure, they sell extremely well for "gamer keyboards", but like you've said, their competitors are doing a great job an right now the only Cherry thing I'd buy would be their stabs and their retooled blacks.
So do the box navies have that same thick click bar as the speed navies? Because those sound/feel amazing
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Yeah that is the one thing I'm not crazy about. I don't do it often, but honestly there are times I do it on purpose and its kind of nice to have that option.
But box navy does NOT actuate before the tactile event?
MD why do you do this? I just bought the pale blues - which I love! Anyone have tried Navy vs Pale Blues? I'd like to hear what people think comparing these two. I'm going broke shopping for keyboard shit.
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The pale blues feel slightly lighter due to the extra resistance the thick click bar causes in the navys . The pale blues also have a higher pitched, less full sounding click that is a tiny bit quieter IME. Both great switches IMO, but the BOX navy takes my vote for the better of two for the deeper fuller sound & slightly heavier feel. YMMV though as everybody's tastes are different.
interesting.. My understanding was that pale blues were the heavy versions of their white box switches. But I guess your experience with these make sense because with the thicker click bar it would necessitate the use of heavier springs. So in summary (correct me if I'm wrong) white uses thin bars, light springs, jades use thick bars, light springs, navys use thick bars, heavy springs, and pale blues use thin bars, heavy springs?
Which one should i get?
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guess MD will replace if the issues with jade arises?
I would assume they would; though I don't know if these are the kind of thing they will just have extra's of. Best to contact a MD person.

However; if you are interested in the Jade switches; they do tend to sell out slower than Navy's (the Jades are still available on novelkeys site; I would recommend grabbing them from there unless the amount you would save on massdrop is worth the two month wait, since you will get them well before massdrop ships these).