NovelKeys x Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switchessearch

NovelKeys x Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches

NovelKeys x Kailh Low-Profile Heavy Switches

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So, for the people that have bought these: what are your experiences so far? Mine are below.

I've bought the tactile version, overall I'm slightly disappointed. I expected these keys to have less travel than regular keys, but I didn't expect it to feel this much. Not really a fault of the keys, but a bit of a bummer. More annoying though, is the fact that I feel pretty much no tactile bump at all on any of the keys. It may have to do with the small amount of travel and that it leads to 'skipping' the bump, but no matter how I try to test the switches I don't feel anything. To me that's the biggest disappointment and it will likely put me off of purchasing a Planck light down the road. So if you're looking for a tactile switch I'd give this a pass.
What about another drop?
With an option for 87 keys also?
how do you find keycaps for these switches?
Novel keys have keycaps that will fit

So, there's no way these will work with a OLKB Preonic keyboard even with current Kailh Bronze switches?

These are different than mx style switches. The footprint is different. They will work on the Planck light though.
What PCBs support these kailh switches? If I do buy these it would be my first build and I would love to have a 75% PCB to go along with these switches for travel. Is there any keywords I should look for? Is the pinout on the switches a standard Kailh pinout? If that is the case, do I just need to search for Kailh-compatible PCBs? What do I need to search for specifically to ensure a proper fit with these switches?
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Thanks for the reply! So it seems that there are very little PCBs that support this keyswitch. I found one PCB ( ) but it is arranged in a grid and more suited for a macropad or something similar. I'll keep an eye out for any other PCBs that pop up. But I don't think this product is fleshed out yet as much as it should be for me to actually consider buying them.
Yep, it's unfortunate. It's definitely fully fleshed out in that they work (and they work well), but there just aren't enough PCBs that support them just yet to make them 100% worth it, though I have hope that we're getting there soon!
So why should you buy these if cherry mx keycaps don't work
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There are very few options right now. I think this is mostly for people making things from scratch.
Yeah that's what I as thinking
Would love a drop for the lighter versions with compatible (preferably blank) caps.
NovelKeys has both of those...
Yup. Thank you for the suggestion:) I have seen it there but ordering from the EU ends up very expensive.. Hence a drop would be cool :)
Is there a numpad that I can use these with? I was looking to get a numpad for my laptop so I want it to be thin (travel with it) and these would be great.
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Yes, I should actually have something to announce hopefully by end of March
Check out they have a choco pad which is a 4x4 macro pad that is fully programmable. You could program it to be a number pad and still have extra keys
Does anyone know if these are the same switches used on Planck Light board ( The same, I mean, do they have the same spring rates?
I'm thinking about picking these up to replace switches on Planck Light if spring rates are different.

EDIT: Nvm. Found the answer.
These are heavier versions of the switches offered for the light board.
yup yup. I got this drop. Can't wait to get my board and put these babies.