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I myself wrote to the the MD support staff asking about a possible Toyota MR2 community since the car has three popular iterations and since the MR2 communities are heavy into modding. However after reading most of these comments, I think a more general automotive community would be better, or even better separate communities for separate manufacturers (i.e. toyota, honda, subaru, VW (for VW and Porche), ect...). Right now I just don't think many people with Corvettes care for these slightly lower prices, or at least aren't being informed that this exists. If there are any Corvette owners out there who are a part of an online Corvette forum, please make this MD community known. It is the only way. I don't think this is a "build it and they will come" scenario.
Cool item. I want everything carbon fiber.
However, waaaaay too specific application with a REALLY high price point. I don't think I even know someone know owns a C7 let alone someone I could even interest in it.
For this site? How about custom carbon fiber D20 shift knobs? ;-)
why is corvette a category??
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I think it's great that they want to have an automotive category, but it would make more sense to start off with cars that have a larger following, and let it take off from there. Dismissing a group of cars because they're Japanese and cheap is ignorance in the extreme. Some of the most fun you can have on a track or SCCA event is still in an old Miata, or the newer FR-S/BRZ. Both of these have a far stronger following, stronger modification support, and a customer base that has more of a tendency to modify.
I totally agree with rockin' a Miata around the track! Fun and cheap (relatively). Hypothetically, what other Makes would you like to see on MD?
as opposed to the thousands of people with lets see. for example a 240sx or a chevy hd 2500... camaros.. literally so many better models..
Alan, I have a 2015 C7 Corvette. lol
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I'm not, it doesn't look different enough from the standard vent. I'm not really sure the purpose of this mod but I am looking for small things to buy on MD for my car.
I don't think 1 person = majority.
Yes yes, this will go perfectly with my topre keyboard, k7xx and my seiko alpinist.
Ah yes.... because the majority of us here have a 2014 - 2016 C7 Corvette
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