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NPKC 17 Switch Testersearch

NPKC 17 Switch Tester

NPKC 17 Switch Tester

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Switch Tester

You want to feel the difference between Cherry, Kailh, and Gateron in all of their flavors in a side by side test, but don't want to invest in several keyboards just to find out. Enter NPKC and the 17 Switch Tester. Featuring all the most popular varieties of each switch manufacturer on one board so you can put them to the test yourself. For Cherry you can feel Brown, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Black and White. Compare them to the Gateron Blue, Brown, Clear, Yellow, Red, and Black or the Kailh Blue, Brown, Red and Black. 

Note: You can add the pictured keycaps during checkout for an additional $2. You can also add 21 o-rings to your switch tester during checkout for an additional $0.75. Finally, a keypad PCB can be added for $9.

NPKC 17 Switch Tester


The switch tester is mounted to a cast Aluminum plate to help give a more accurate test environment and truer feel, while being modeled after the Corsair case design to add aesthetics for your desk space. If you don't have a few keycaps laying around you can add the ones shown at checkout for $2 and complete the look.

NPKC 17 Switch Tester
NPKC 17 Switch Tester
NPKC 17 Switch Tester


  • 17 switches
  • Cast aluminum plate
  • Abs keycaps
  • Cherry switches: Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Red, White
  • Gateron switches: Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Red, Yellow
  • Kailh switches: Black Blue, Brown, Red


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