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These, or the sony sp700n? Can get them for pretty much the same price.
I'd go with Sony. Was never dissapointed with their products.
How waterproof are these? Google tells me that IPX5 means that "Water projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects." What does that mean for actual use? It rains really hard around here, plus I don't want to worry about dropping them into a puddle.
Even hard rain will be fine. If you drop into a puddle I would expect the earphones to work but technically submerging under water is not under IPX5. Please note - the charging case does not have the same water resistance level. You should be fine as long as you don’t let water go inside the charging ports.
A few comments and a question... overall, they do connect and play. That’s about all the positive comments so far. The only button that seems to do anything at all is the left unit. The right just lets me power that one on. Sure would have been nice to be able to pause using either L or R. No way I’ve found to control the volume. now, if AAC actually works, then that’s a plus. Just a big mehhhhhh.
I'd like to pipe in with a quick praise for what I consider this product's primary strong point, durability & longevity.
I've used lots of wireless IEMs, some really good ones too that sound better than these. But these have become my go-to for the gym. Other wireless IEMs I've tested slowly disintegrate under my gym-use, I've never had one that last a full year. Problems include one channel going out, or the joining (behind the neck) cable wearing out and coming apart.
I got these as soon as they first hit the market, I've been using them solid for at least over a year, maybe closer to two years now, I don't remember the exact date I got them.
I've put some Comply tips on them and it helps the sound quality. SQ isn't bad, but I've heard better and Comply eartips add a bit more punch and bass to the overall presentation which fits my workout playlists that consists of more metal, aggressive EDM and hip-hop/metal crossover songs.
The case is a great shape for sliding into my pocket and not leaving an alarming bulge in my pants. The battery life easily exceeds my workouts. I've even heat stressed them by bringing them into the sauna with me several times, using the left only so I can listen to podcasts. Eventually the bud turned off on me, I assumed it was heat and humidity so I put it back in the charger case and didn't try that again. But, after some time to recharge and cool off it worked for fine ever since.
The secure fit is good, and I was skeptical considering how much of it sticks out of my head, but it's balanced nicely. Comply eartips definitely solidifies the fit and make them even more comfortable.
I've read some people having problems with one bud not charging correctly, I haven't had that issue with these but did have it with some cheaper models I tested. Generally, you'll want to try to keep those contacts clean and ensure they are actually making contact. Otherwise, if you experience that problem I guess it's just FUBAR. That was the case with the aofrementioned cheaper ones I tested before settling on these.
I don't know how much longer they'll last, I've gone through quite a few wireless IEMs over the years but these have hung on for the longest of any I've used. If they go out on me, I'd think nothing of joining this drop.
Good luck!
“....alarming bulge in my pants” 🤪
Seriously, I compare them to a competitor and I have to give NuForce props for the form factor of the chargeable case. Which of these two would you want making a bulge in your pants?

I have a pair of the older version. I can't change the volume on my Sony NW-45. They work fine with my iPod Touch. I wrote NuForce but never heard back. They sound so good that I don't want to sell them. Any thoughts on this problem??
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Jyri, Thank you very much for taking the time to help!! I tried the enhanced mode and it did not help I am sorry to report. Maybe I did something wrong?? It is sooooo loud LOL
Hello, I just received 2 new earphones, the EOZ and the KUZ both from Indiegogo and they work fine!! No problem changing volume. The NuForce are just toooooo loud.
The left earphone (master side) decided to die on me on my second listening.
It doesn't charge as well, only the right side does.
Anyone else has this issue?
hi javng , i have same trouble for NuForce BE Free8 IEMs , so i send mail to massdrop stuff and get answer today, it's reply that no warranty about NuForce BE Free8 IEMs , and no change new one and no repair . i bought it on march 2018 and I got it on may.
Just took the plunge on these. I like that they have APTX LL, I haven't seen other earbuds that have that. One thing for the future I wish these would have is the faststream codec it is so that you can continue having high quality stereo sound while using the microphone. I believe only a few bluetooth headsets use it (Creative and Avantree). The feature would be really useful for using these while gaming. One other thing that would be nice is to not have audio drop out in both earbuds when you remove one earbud.
I would also really love it if these bluetooth earbuds would start going for a more ergonomic design iem such as the KZ ZS3's they fit my ear perfectly.
Hi MD / NuForce, what's the warranty on these and how will warranty service be handled? I'm assuming a v2 or new model is coming out thus the drop?
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Thx for the reply Jyri. When paired with Avantree's TC418 I can't get max volume via Aux In (from a SBX G5) but no issues when it's via USB in. No such problems with any of my other BT cans when paired with TC418 via Aux In. Is there a way to force these into Max volume?
Hi Jyri, can you please look into the issue I've reported above? Thx!
Has anyone experienced any issues with white noise on these?
I have. I just go my pair today, and that’s the first thing I noticed.
The damn white noise is annoying as hell like an ear torture that doesn't end no matter what, that completly ruines every quiet passages in any piece you try to listen to, like trying to tune to a station in an old A.M. radio, really disappointing cause I really wanted to like them but just couldn't put up with the white noise interference any longer.
Has anybody experienced audio/video lag? My Bose SoundSport Frees’ are awful in this regard, even with the latest update.
Are these bluetooth 5.0?
Putting just "bluetooth" in the description is super annoying. Not buying wireless IEM's that aren't 5.0
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They aren't the only ones just one of few. For example:
But also, I swear I've seen a pair floating around Massdrop but maybe I'm imagining that. Still 5.0 is supposed to be extremely reliable a-la Apple's W1 chip.
No they are not, I own a pair and I have to honestly say that I would not buy if I were you. Tried to like them, but too many issues with connecting, and fit/ comfort. Now it’s doesnt want to connect at all and all it does is constantly reset on the main earbud.
Got them elsewhere last week, for watching TV. These are the only true wireless earbuds sporting aptX LL that I've come across. TheContraptionist's review below is spot on. However, I find the constant background noise unbearable. So much so that I'm going to return them. It really ruins quieter passages of music or movies.
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Nizwiz...what are you using as a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV and have you experienced audio/visual lag? Thanks.
I wish mine would have been from the same batch as yours was cause the constant white noise background annoyance in mine is intolorable.
4 hours of battery life? Really? Am I the only one who thinks this is a big deal breaker?
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ok so let's divide the bluetooth iem group into two main groups the premium market which include bose/beoplay/beats(these are premiumly priced but does not offer premium sound) and that and the mid premium market (jaybirds/v-moda/mee-audio/plantronics). Now i can't comment on the premium market too much because i don't have the budget to purchase them but based on me reading articles on the net, the mid premium market average around 6-7 hours which i believe is reasonable. I'll give you a scenario i use to the train to commute to work and approximately takes me about 30-35 mins from leaving my house to arriving at my workplace. Now if the battery life is 4 hours, then i most likely would have to charge the iem every two days, if it increased to 6 hours then i'd charge them twice a week or so. I actually have a pair of plantronics backbeat go 2 which were great initially but i changed them for 2 reasons, the first, my DAP doesn't support DSD over bluetooth and the second is definately battery life. Now this is subjective and may not apply to you but the fact the battery life sucks means there's one more thing i need to charge, so my solution? I went back to wired iems....doesn't really bother me anymore since the SQ is is a step up.....
of course there's a third category which is the lower end generic/unbranded chinese bluetooth iems but i've never really delved into this category so yea can't comment....
Can anyone compare these to Sony's WF-1000X wireless earbuds?
My thoughts on these for anyone interested in hopping on this drop;


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You are welcome :)
thanks mate, appreciate the review.
16 hours of battery life if you charge them 4 times with the included charging case.
So... 4 hours of battery life?
Can I just shove Comply tips on t hem? I've never found a rubber flange that fits or sounds as good as foamies.
Yes. Comply has designed tips for True Wireless earphones as well. You could use regular Comply tips but those don't fit inside the charging case.
- Jyri /NuForce
Received mine a few days ago. Pairing was pretty straightforward, I put in the SpinFit eartips and started listening to music. Sound quality is very good, and they're very comfortable to wear. I was surprised at how well they rest in my ear: not too heavy, no moving around or falling out of the ear. Buttons can be a little hard to press, you have to kind of hold your ear and earbud together before pressing in order to get earbud to stay still long enough to press hard enough, if that makes sense. It's kind of disappointing that the right button is essentially functionless, especially for a right-handed individual.
All that is not a deal breaker at all, but I will say that Bluetooth connectivity has been an issue. If I have my phone in my right pocket and am just walking, I will get consistent distortion and interference. Putting the phone in my left pocket (and presumably closer to the left earphone) makes it a bit more tolerable, but I still get plenty of interference. I basically have to be sitting or have the phone in a breast pocket to guarantee there is no interference and that's just about a deal breaker for me.
I'm going to continue to use these for a bit, but if these problems are persistent enough then I'll probably return them. Again, these are great sounding and fitting truly wireless earphones. If connectivity was more consistent I would be a very happy camper.
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Where do you find the Trinity Audio Kombi tips??? I looked around Amazon but no luck. What else do they make? Thanks.
They came with my Trinity Audio IEMs from one of their Kickstarter campaigns.
You should be able to buy directly from them. Trinity Audio, but my brother says it"s not safe or something. Not sure what's going on.
The have a Facebook page, if the didn't isn't fixed soon.
Hmm I seem to have problems pairing the left and right earphones, even though I tried to follow the instructions in the box. Left earphone has no issues connecting to other devices and playing music etc.
Any helpful tips to get the left and right earphones to pair with each other?
when will they ship out in USA? i'm leaving the country by dec 30th
I wanna know how these sound compared to the smartomi ace ones
Does anyone have experience with noise isolation? Looking to be able to listen in a typical noisy restaurant. ???
Yes, should be okay. The earpiece design itself is pretty isolating, and we include SpinFit eartips that will isolate even further.
- Jyri/NuForce
Received my pair today. Ergonomics are great, so is the fit, though there is quite a bit of driver flex for me. The sound is on the boomy side with an overall balanced signature. But let's step aside from that and go to the UI portion of the device.
You control the headphones using the two poorly placed buttons on the earbuds which can be quite difficult to press while using them, but the physical control is nice though quite limited. You have single and double clicks to control your music (play/pause and next track, respectively). However, going to the previous track isn't possible. You can hold the button to initiate Siri as well. Let's talk about the control on the right side for a second, you get a button that can turn it on and off, but that's it. You can't press it to do any control on the earbuds which is quite depressing.
When you remove the right one from your ear, it stops playing, your left cuts out momentarily and continues doing its thing. When you put it back in you get stereo sound once more. The right bud actually shuts off when you take it off. When you take out the left bud, the right goes silent. This probably is due to the way they are coupled. It's similar to the auto-pause that the AirPods come with, but not quite. It's a nice touch.
When you remove them from the case, they should turn on automatically. Well, if I'm lucky the left one turns on. However, the right just doesn't want to turn on. Kind of seems half baked.
Overall, the concept is good, the sound is good, it's just missing the mark on execution. Some things just seemed a little overlooked IMO.
Thank you for the detailed feedback. I will add some information, which hopefully will help/clarify...
Sound - please allow the Free8s to play around 100h. The boominess should go away. We are using extremely high quality driver with proprietary coating. The driver will need some burn in to loosen up. The package includes two types of SpinFit eartips. By default the Free8s are using shorter tips which provide more comfortable fit (to some) and reduce the impact that an eartip´s tube can do to sound. The other option is longer regular SpinFit type tip which provides better seal and could sound better to some as well.
Controls - challenges with technology, product size, price point etc. Some prefer that the button is placed on top so that you don't need to press your ear while you try to press the buttons. We use NFMI technology to connect the left and right earpiece together. Thus, only left one can control source device. NFMI is superior to Bluetooth but more expensive. On the market, BE Free8 is the lowest priced NFMI pair (together with Bragi The Headphone but we have longer battery, AAC+aptX, dynamic driver and so on...). Next closest NFMI pair would be $199.
Removing right earpiece - side effect of the NFMI technology. When you remove the right earpiece the left one will function normally but it stops transmitting the signal to the right earpiece. NFMI range is very short as the signal is unidirectional.
Removing from the case - unfortunately another limitation with the technology, price point, size etc. The product is designed so that the left earpiece will turn on automatically (as it will connect with your smartphone) and the right earpiece needs to be turned on manually.
All in all - I appreciate the feedback and despite the caveats I do hope you enjoy using the BE Free8s. I have personally tested majority of the true wireless earphones on the market and for audiophiles and audio enthusiasts, I cannot recommend any other pair than the Free8s. Having said that, I took notes of your comments and we will go back to the drawing board. :-)
At this point and time I can’t get the left one to turn on when I take it out of the case either. Not a big deal as I do have to turn them both on. I appreciate the response though, lots of stuff makes sense now.
Just saw these on Amazon for 99... whelp, lost out on 26 on Massdrop.
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Thanks for the information. I don't know weather to wait or buy them on Massdrop. If only I could see the future lol
I never hit the "Join Drop" button until I do a little price shopping first. Learned that lesson a long time ago with Woot!
Does anyone know how long these would take to recharge?
From zero to 100% about 1.5h-2h. - Jyri/NuForce
Got burned on the KANOA joke preorder, time to give this a shot...
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I did too.. until I just received a charge back to my CC yesterday :)
Fuck Kanoa
I got my paypal refund in January from the indiegogo project. Kanoa had the nerve to charge me a return fee for buds I didn't receive. Not sure I'm going to do IGG or KS any more.
They look huge. Will they stay in?
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Isn't "the universal version of custom IEMs" just a regular IEM?
Technically yes. But the universal version of a custom IEM typically has a distinct type of shape that not all regular IEMs have. This typically makes them a little bigger than most regular IEMs as well.