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NuForce BE Sport3 Bluetooth IEMs

NuForce BE Sport3 Bluetooth IEMs

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Still didn't received it, massdrop's help center doesnt want (or can't) help. The package is probably stolen or lost but I still have tyo wait a month to get my money back. Very disapointed... Last time I buy something here
When will this be shipped?.
Who do I reach out to in regards to this drop? I have an issue where, long story short, a pair of 20 dollar bluetooth IEMs outlasted these.
When will this be ship? Thanks
10 hours at half volume............ loses half it's ability to charge w/in a year.

So, one year later at moderately high (3/4) volume you get ~2 hours out of it.

I like the concept, but I continue to wait until battery life improves.
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Can you reach out to me please. I have an issue with the product and need to find your email.
jyri.jokirinta ( at )
Any way for shipping to be lower to Australia? $17.50 USD shipping just for earphones to Australia is a bit absurd.
Mine won't turn on after a little under 3 months. These are not sweatproof at all. A little sweat on the remote would cause crackling, static, and hissing. Disappointed.
My apologies that I haven´t jumped on your message earlier. Somehow missed this...
The BE Sport3 is lab tested to be water resistant up to IP55 which is way more than anyone can sweat during a workout. So, unfortunately, the unit you have received must have a production fault or an adhesive has failed. Nevertheless, both our mistakes and we are more than happy to swap the earphones to a new pair.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and poor experience.

- Jyri/NuForce
Where will the earbuds be shipped from ?
Why is the shipping is $20.75? something wrong
how do these compare to the jaybirds x3?
I haven't tried the nuforce but the jaybirds are decent, the fit and sound quality was good, but the voice notifications were loud and there was audio desync on apple devices so I had to return them
Does anyone else have an issue where putting slight pressure on the volume down button causes the left earpiece to go silent and then make a loud hissing sound?
YES - pretty weird issues surfacing now. That was the first one, now when it connects the no longer give feedback "Primary device connected".

Also, the sound quality on these is rather tinny IMHO - not terrible but not as good as others I've tried :/
How are the magnets for these? I have a set of those fresh buds from a previous drop with that astronaut logo on the side where they'll come apart at the slightest nudge so it's tough leaving them in my bag when I'm in a rush.
Possibly a dumb question, but do these have a built in microphone? I noticed it says that the controls include answer/hang up, but I don't see a microphone listed in the specs.

Yes these have a built-in mic for phone calls, pause and volume controls. you can also control Siri and Google Voice as well. how to handle phone calls is covered on page 10 of the users manual --
I LOVE these headphones. For the money, they can't be beat. Sound is warm and not too detailed, but you can't really complain for the price. Comfort and build are excellent. My full review here:
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Taotronics bluetooth is equal for less than 1/2 the price in my opinion.
which model?