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Recieved my BE2. Unlike 4 other Bluetooth headphones in the house these won't pair with anything. They don't pair with Android or iPhone or a computer. I assume they are broken unless there is some magical, cryptic method of getting this to work and in 2018 that should not be the case.
Did you initiate the Bluetooth search mode? You do this by pressing the middle button for about 6-7s until you see blue and red leds blinking. First you’ll see blue, keep pressing until you see the red one as well. Let me know if this helps so that I can help further. -Jyri/NuForce
I like the design of the headphones, they really block out external sounds and stay in your ears. But for me, my phone connects to the headphones but audio will not play put of the headphones, just out the phone. Constantly having to reset network settings or shut phone on and off to connect. Maybe i just got a dud pair
My personal observation and should not affect anyone's decision: Summarizing dozens of reviews out there I came to the conclusion that the sound quality of this product is great (for the price) build quality and the battery life can be questionable. Many buyers reported problems with broken or loose charging port within or after the first month of use. The large portion of those earphones deemed inoperable shortly after. Furthermore, countless reviewers find it uncomfortable due to BE2 large nozzles. If Nuforce improves on the build quality and solves above-mentioned issues in their next generation BE3. I would be the first in line to buy it (even twice the price). For now, it is a pass for me.
Let me clarify here. Problems reported were caused by Android, not the product itself. The problem can be solved by pressing the middle button on the remote after earphones are connected to source device. This was not done by most of the users after they connected the earphones to their Android phone. Also, the issue does not exist with iOS. -Jyri/NuForce
Anyone know if these work on the Pixel 2 on Android P, some people are complaining it didn't work during the android P beta, but it may of been fixed.
Yes these will work. When you connect with your phone you need to press the middle button on the remote so that your phone will activate media mode. This has to do with Android. Previous comments were related to this same 9 out of 10 times. Worst case, if for some reason your earphones wouldn’t work we could update the firmware free of charge, but this should not be necessary.
I bought my BE2 2 days ago and they cannot be connected with my iphone 7 or the new Mac book pro l.. I have followed the instructions but nothing works.. can anyone help me?
Have you initiated the bluetooth search mode? To do this you need to turn off the earphones. Then press the middle button on the remote for about 7 seconds. First you'll see blue led, keep pressing, then you'll see blue and red leds blinking. At this point the earphones will also say "search mode activated".
Please let me know if this helps.
- Jyri/NuForce
$11 extra Just for shipping to India? NO THANKS.
Can someone please help I have 2 pairs of BE2 and I seemed to have burned both sets. I connected to my Samsung mini USB cable connected to a 2.4A power head. Does that burn the circuits in a BE2? Is it the cable or charging head? Super pissed off ml
After updating to Android 8.0.0 my NuForce BE2 will only pair for call audio. Media audio just doesn't pair. Anyone else have this issue?
I 've tried everything I could think of but with no luck.
Sorry I have missed this message from you. When you press the middle button on the remote it should turn on the media audio and you should be able to take calls and listen to music. Could you please help to check if this worked?
- Jyri/NuForce
Feedback after a month or so... Ok sound Good battery time Good fit for once Worst microphone of all my headsets, need to remove the band from my neck and hold the mic just beside my mouth with every call. Which makes it worthless "on the go" when i'm doing something else with my hands. And yes, it's the same with all phones and computer. Hoped this would be my new office headphones, but no.
End result, wouldn't recommend it for anything but running or biking when you want a good fit.
Im actually quite happy with my NuForce BE2 (using them with my Pixel 2). But I now made a foolish decision and opted into the Android P beta. Now the BE2 are not functioning anymore (no media is indicated they still connect fine but without sound support). I tried reseting them (3 button reset), renaming bluetooth names, reseting network prefs on the pixel etc. Nothing resolves the issue. Any suggestions?
Same problem here after updating Android P beta, no media every time it's connected. Tried everything: removing from the list, reconnected, restart the phone, etc. But it works perfectly on my old phone (nexus 5). And my other wireless headphone (plantronics) has no problem either on Android P beta. I'd love any suggestions. Thank you.
Is there any warranty provided by by the manufacturer? Reviews online seemed concerned on build quality and a few were concerned with the audio syncing with videos.
Certainly. Massdrop is authorized reseller and we provide 1 year warranty.
- Jyri/NuForce
First time ever joining a drop in Massdrop. When does it ship, and how long does it typically take (in the US)?
Sadly, the micro USB port on mine is loose and no longer allows me to charge it :-( only lasted a month. only charged it a few times so clearly it was already defective when I received it.
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If you're looking for a replacement go with the Creative Outlier Sports. Great sound, durable and strong BT connection.
This is weird and should not happen. Please contact us directly and we exchange to a new pair! Our contact details here:
My apologies for the trouble and poor experience.
- Jyri/NuForce
Bought these last drop, Mine just randomly turn off :(
What happened? Can you try to reset the earphones and see if that helps?
Do not buy these if you have a Pixel 2. It does not work
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After connecting with your phone, can you try pressing the middle button on the earphones´ remote? Can you hear the sounds and music through the BE2s now?
Yes, I can. Thank you for the fix, I wouldn't have known to do this. Will all of the complaints about Bluetooth with Oreo, I didn't know if this would be fixable.
I have had these for a while now and really enjoy them for what they do and the purpose they serve. Do I do any "serious" listening with them? No - they are Bluetooth, on-the-go IEMs and sound just fine in that regard. If there is one nit to pick, it would be on the design of the nozzle/tip interaction. The nozzle is rather large (no great concern there) but has no lip or ridge to secure the tips and relies on a tight-ish fit and friction to keep them in place. I like a really good seal (the dual tips do no do it for me) and if they have been in my ears for a while, perhaps the seal is to good as the tips come off when I remove the IEMs about 60% of the time. This is no huge deal, but I feel like a nimrod if I am, say, at the gym and someone asks me question and I spend the next minute or so trying to dig the errant tip out of my ear canal!
Honestly I own the Be3i and have been super disappointed with them... Guess my expectations were too high... I own a pair of NuForce nu700 and they are some of the best sub $100 In ears I have heard to date... I was at least expecting the same tonal balance with the Be3i... That was NOT the case... They work well, have been durable, and etc... However, what good is mediocrity that lasts? I have a pair of insignia bluetooth buds I won at a conference that retail for 49.99 and they outclass the sound of the Be3i but a not small margin... Just wanted to bring this to light for others...
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That’s BE6i. Not BE3.
Doesn't work with pixel 2, Android 8.1
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I've been having the same issue. I contacted Google Help services and they came to a conclusion that it was the manufacturer's fault (NuForce). I tried every other phone and it worked fine. Only one I have issues was my Pixel 2. It always showed a No media issue )):
My apologies I missed thsee messages. Please contact me directly and we’ll help. Jyri.jokirinta ( at )
Hello I was just wondering if any of you know how long it might take to deliver to Canada. Thank you for your reply in advance.
Hello, I just received my iems and after a few days of use, I cant charge it properly. And when I turn it on the connection drops and connects, drops and connects. Sometimes it is able to turn on, sometimes it dosent and when it does theres a weird slowed down sound of "powered on instead of the normal speech power on".
I tried resetting it with pressing the three buttons but it does not respond at all. It is currently dead and not responding to charging.
This doesn't sound right. My apologies. If you are in USA, can you contact us directly and we replace the pair? or
How are these for running or biking? I ordered a pair, but if they fall out easily I would rather just spend the money on a pair of Jaybirds or something similar.
Its impossible say whether these or any earphones will have a perfect fit but for the price these should work pretty well. The only advantage you'd get with Jaybird is the ear wings that the BE2 don't have included (however in this case you should check our BE Sport3 which does and are lighter than Jaybird but with longer battery and regular charging method). The BE2 package has ear tips in 3 sizes as well as the special SpinFit Twinblade tips. Generally the TwinBlades work pretty well. If you use for running and biking you could also go Jaybird style and loop the cable above your ear. For this you would need to use Left earbud in right ear and vice versa (same as Jaybird or any other earphone with the angled nozzle).
Hopefully this helps.
So do these work with Android yet? Mine from the last drop do not. "Connected No Media." Pretty disappointing.
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Work around doesn't work. They claim the 3 button reset fixes it. It doesn't.
Can you contact us directly and we'll try to help? You can send me an email jyri.jokirinta
Just got these as a convenience item. Since all of my media is gravitating to my phone, I wanted a way to listen wirelessly. I don't go to a gym, don't run, I just wanted a convenient way to consume media, like podcasts, radio, music and streaming TV with somewhat better sound quality. This is my first wireless device and the freedom is liberating. I can leave the phone on a night table and listen to a podcast or the radio while I relax in bed without wires getting in the way, or leave it on my desk while I walk around and not lose content. I prefer the lanyard style as I would be afraid of losing a truly wireless bud. The magnets are a great idea.
Pairing is a snap, and the controls are intuitive. They're comfortable to wear. A woman's voice in an English accent tells you that your buds are powered on, powered off, or connected.
For $35, there's no need to over analyze this. This is really great technology at low cost. If I want soaring sound quality, my Fiio and Sennheisers are there. These do the job they're intended to do, and this is an extraordinary value for the price.
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Jyri, quick question for you. I wanted to switch to a smaller ear piece. You'll note that there is an "outer" clear ear piece that fits over the black "inner" one that attaches to the shaft. The clear piece provides a better seal. It appears the "outer" piece is not removable or transferable to the other sized ear pieces. Is this by design, or am I not noticing something?
I've missed this message. However I am not sure if I fully understand the question. Only the tips are removable. Not the nozzle itself.
- Jyri/NuForce
My headphones say "device connected no media" when I try to pair with my Google Pixel 2 -- I've tried resetting the device as suggested above to no avail. Any ideas?
My apologies I’ve missed this message. Can you contact me and we’ll help? jyri.jokirinta ( at )
I'm sure these will drop again, so hopefully my take on the BE2 helps you out if interested in picking up a set.


does anyone know how these compare to the TFZ Series 2's? im really looking for earbuds with great sound quality, so i was wondering which one would be superior in that department.
So I just recieved my pair of Nuforce BE2 ear buds. The issue I have with them right now is that I can't hear any media audio. I have the device paired to my phone, but I can't hear my own music or youtube vids. I am using the Oneplus3t phone with the ear buds. I tried resetting the earbuds base on other input from this thread. Nothing happened during that reset. In fact holding the three buttons to reset didn't seem to work at all. I tried turing the ear buds off and on again and repairing several times. Unfortunately that didn't work either. So, if there are any tips to solve this. it is very much welcome.
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Yes. Can you contact me directly? We will saw your earphones to a new pair. jyri.jokirinta ( at )
- Jyri/NuForce
Hi Got a pair of be2 today And Im having the same problem described before, is there any solution to this. I feel like I just got robbed.
I'll just leave this comment here for convenience and because the manual doesn't include all the control options.
- a quick press of all 3 buttons tells you the battery level. - holding the all 3 buttons for 2 seconds resets the headphones. (This helped me when music wouldn't play from my one plus 3) - a quick press of the play/pause and volume up button activates google search through voice (at least that's what it does for me) - double tapping the play/pause redials your last phone call.
Bought 4 pairs at $40, now $35? Damn you, Massdrop.
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I am, thank you that would be much appreciated.
Amazon code? What is this magic. . . :)
The sound is not what I expected but it works really well. (I have NuForce μDAC3 which I love) The problem is when you use it hands-free, I listen well but the person on the other side of the phone listens to me with a lot of noise and very low. It's sad because I wanted to use them riding my bike. I hope they offer me solution, otherwise I'll have to go back to the humble Xiaomi Piston 3 that worked impeccably for calls no matter if it's wired.