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Excited to get these. Massdrop shipped them earlier than expected. In hindsight I should’ve gotten blue, but I suppose it’d be hard to lose bright red earphones.

Weirdly enough, the earphones are in my city but Fedex says it’ll take 3 more days to get to my house.
I already love my Nuforce EDC IEM's, and now I'm interested in trying out their BA Drivers, for their supposedly better clarity, detail and smoothness. I just can't decide if I want the Nuforce HEM 1, HEM 2, or the HEM 4? I can't afford anything higher than the HEM 4's, so for now I just need to pick one of those 3 unfortunately 😕

I really only listen to audience Recordings of shows/concerts (with HQ mics, preamps and recorders). Mainly what I recorded myself, so I want something that is balanced overall (lows/mids/highs), with great clarity and detail, and with a good low-end that's punchy and decays quickly, if that helps you narrow down the search for me 😎🎧

I noticed that the HEM 1 and 2 are almost identical, but the HEM 2 comes with more accessories and has a BA driver WITH the crossover, and I think that is the only difference between the two, correct? Is the difference audible though? I certainly don't mind spending the extra $25 on the HEM 2's (vs the HEM 1's @$75), as long as it's worth it! And I don't have to wait for the next HEM 1 drop here on Massdrop if I go for the HEM 2, because a few places online have them for $100 even in stock! So please take that into account as well please 👍

Thanks in advance for any help, advice or experience that you can give me regarding the 3 different types of the Nuforce HEM's (1, 2 & 4)😇🎧

And FWIW, my setup is:
Sony Walkman NW-A35 (with tempered glass screen protector & TPU material case with WM Port cover)>Darktrain Custom Right Angle 1/8" cable>FiiO E11K HP Amp>Massdrop x Nuforce EDC IEM's>Comply Isolation+ Large tips!
Is it possible to get one side in blue and one side in red or would I need to make two orders and mix them myself?
Anyone compare these to the EDC?
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The EDC is A LOT WARMER compared to this one.
I checked the frequency response on inner fidelity site and found out that EDC is very bassy and I think you could reduce it by installing a bigger earbuds.
Got the HEM1 yesterday. You were absolutely right. Night and day difference, no comparison. . HEM1 walks all over the EDC.
Wile not the greatest IEM ever, they are more than worth what I paid here, and seriously puts the EDC to shame.
Massdrop appears to have become a Nuforce authorized distributor. Is there any Nuforce (or SMSL) producer that isn't currently being dropped? Lately it seems that there are about 25 products in the portfolio and they just keep cycling through them. If you're just going to keep recycling the same drops over and over at least bring the HE-4XX back in a sufficient quantity that it doesn't unexpectedly end!!
Is the cable REAL silver or just the color??
Jyri from Nuforce replied a comment below: silver/copper cable. It's likely a copper cable with sliver plated.
Thanks massdrop the box cost 106 usd and now the item inside is this price. Great job
Where can I find a balance cable for nuforce hem series, thanks
How do these compare to the NuForce EDC?
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I own the Amiron and it is fantastic.
I believe it! I just have to make sure not to spend my money on these other headphones so I'd have money for the Amiron.
How r these different from hem2?
They're close spec-wise and don't come with as many accessories as the HEM2 (no mic cable, foam tips, etc.). These are the HEm2 specs from their website:



Frequency response - 20Hz-40,000Hz
Sensitivity - 110dB+/-3dB
Cable length - 1.38m
Impedance - 26 Ohms
Maximum input power - 2mW
Maximum input sound level - 113dB
Connections - input3.5mm Jack
Connections - output2 pin connector for each earpiece
Driver type - High resolution knowles™ balanced armature
Number of driver(s)- 2
Crossover - type Linear Phase
Inline remote - Track+,Track-, Play, Pause, Mute, Answer phone, Disconnect phone

Weight and dimensions

Weight0lb 0.1oz

In the box

Standard accessories2x 1.38M Detachable cable 3.5mm fenake-6.3mm male gold plated adaptor 5x pairs Soft silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, L, XL) Brush/ Cleaning tool Lapel holder 2x pairs Comply series 100 (M,L) Waterproof display case Hard cloth carrying case


Color - Red

Hope that helps.
HEM1 is much brighter and sounds more like a traditional balanced armature earphone. HEM2 is warmer and with more bass.
Alright! The Nuforce HEM1 is now on Massdrop! There aren't many reviews online, so I hope I can give you guys some idea of how these little IEMs perform.

I personally own a pair of these HEM1 IEMs for about 4 months now and they sound really good. It has a balanced sound signature that is very easy to like. It has a fast, energetic sound which is lively and engaging, which pairs very well with Phones/DACs/DAPs with a warmer sound signature. Sound Staging and instrument separation is exceptional given it's price point. I personally pair it with the Astell & Kern AK Jr.

Bass is present and quick but not overwhelming. For reference, Bass is less punchy as compared to something like the Audio Technica ATH E40, however this is kinda expected considering it sports a BA driver instead of (Dual) Dynamic drivers that the ATH E40 uses. Sub bass extension is pretty good, but I wouldn't consider it exceptional.

Mids and trebles are where this little things excel. Vocals, Male and Female alike are crisp and clear. Guitar strums, plucks and rumbles are satisfyingly crunchy. Treble is notable, but not intrusive. It, at no point, sounds shrill or sibilant and is very easy to listen to for long hours.

Comfort and noise isolation for this IEM is I would say, EXCEPTIONAL. It is on par, if not better than my ATH E40 in terms of isolation (in which the E40 is known to have a very good noise isolation by the way), and is wayyy better than my Sony EX650APs and a few other IEMs that I own. Comfort is unparalleled to most other IEMs on the market in my opinion. It is extremely light and sits with a negative profile in my ear. It does not feature a memory wire ear hook, but uses a heat shrink rubber tube as the ear hook, although I personally do prefer memory wire typed ear hooks such as the one on the ATH E40 but that is just my personal preference.

In conclusion, I would say get them. I personally got them at a discounted SGD$129 (Originally SGD$179). The price Massdrop is offering is quite a steal. I have a friend who even commented that these IEMs, quoting "It( the NuForce HEM1) could battle the Nobel Savant at $800+ in terms of sonic performance." These IEMs have a lot going for it at a really reasonable price and I think you really can't go wrong with these IEMs for casual/easy listening. The HEM1 excels in genres such as pop, acoustic and jazz/blues IMO. I hope this little review helped anyone who may be interested in getting this IEM, but do take my words and opinions with a grain of salt. Have a nice day everyone, stay safe! :)
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I guess this is unfair....because my previous daily iem was the JH 16 pro custom IEM....the performance of it totally spoiled me....the sound stage on it made me forgot I was using an iem...and not a head phone...I've been trying to find a universal with a similar signature to the JH 16pro...since it is a big hard to use when I'm out and about.
True JH is a high end IEM manufacturer, but again, it is in a whole new price range as compared to the HEM1, at least. Plus the topic of audio is all about subjectivity.
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