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Loved these but the EDC3 I recently got is noticeably better.

These IEM's are for the amazing balacned sound quality folks.
Bummer that this drop didn't get enough participants. I hope massdrop can re-cycle this drop in the future.
Is this HEM1 suitable for bassheads?
I assume that it might not be a bassy iem since it runs on a BA driver.
How do these compare with the EDCs? The right bud on my EDCs has just started to give out and im curious if these would be good replacements.
Anyone know how these sound compared to HiFiman RE-400s? I love the neutral, laid back tone of my RE-400s, but looking to replaced my well loved, but very worn pair.
Anyone know how this one compares with SE315?
I got a set of these in "Massdrop Blue Box: NuForce HEM IEMs" and I feel like I've been ripped of $40 + import tax now! Thanks massdrop, talk about consumer trust....
That's not Massdrop's fault. Blue boxes are a gamble, you might get something bad or you might get something good. Don't join those drops if you don't want to risk getting something that isn't quite worth what you paid.
I've never heard these but in terms of features the Fiio FH1 on paper still looks like a better buy. The Fiio FH1 has a dual hybrid build with 1 Knowles BA and a 10mm titanium driver. It also comes with TWO cables, one of which is a balanced cable, brass tube, hard case and 6 plugs. They're $75 on Amazon. They also sound amazing to me. Maybe someone that has both of these can chime in and compare the sound on both. Generally I have heard that only having one Knowles BA sounds a bit harsh and has issues hitting all the frequencies precisely.
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Actually he's comparing $1000 iems to the FH1 which are only $75. The original comparison was with the FH1 to the Nuforce HEM1. The FH1 comes with a hard pelican type case, balanced cables, cable with microphone, and six pairs of ear tips with different bore sizes . Just got back from CanJam over the weekend which was a blast. I picked up an extra set of Fiio FH1s there and a set of the Brainwavz B400s. Sat with several people around the Fiio table about this conversation as well as spoke with the the guys at a booth that creates software to equalize headphones. The several people at the table listening to the headphones and of course Fiio agreed the FH1 were a bit bass heavy but disagreed with it being wobbly or distorting the sound. It may be just me but I just don't hear the distortion, wobbly bass or lack of extension but then again I don't have the IEMs that Jay has. As an aside the software demo was amazing. They (not Fiio) created a software where a minimum of three samples were taken for each headphone model. They have tested over 2000 headphones! When discussing IEMs they told me there tends to be a LOT of variation from ear to ear based on ear canal size, ear tips size, skills in insertion and closeness to the eardrum, which is why they prefer testing over ear headphones. He stated based on the anatomical structure of the ear canal there will be more emphasis in certain frequencies and also that the drivers themselves may distort due to pressure if you are the type that creates an air tight seal with certain IEMs. I asked him was there a lot of variation between headphones of the same make and model. He said for some manufacturers they found very large differences, especially from younger companies. In his opinion after testing over 2,000 headphones the most consistent headphones with the closest to a flat response were.....drum roll please.....the Senheiser HD650s. He said it was very difficult to get them to sound better. I guess the hype on the 650s is real. (Excuse the typos typing in bed, dealing with my gf cat whose tail keeps whacking me in the face, and typing on a smartphone.)
SO JEALOUS! Very nice dude i'm glad you went and shared your experiences. I gotta go next year!
will these work with my i pad air one and does anyone know how they would compair to the senheisser mm70i's as I am looking for a replacment as mm70i's have broken
Hello, I'm looking for a pair of IEM's under $100 like these nuforce iems that look like a great deal, however the only earphones that fit comfortably for me personally, have little silicon ear 'fins' similar to the jaybirds silicon fins. I was wondering if there any accesories to these that have the ear fins or if their are any IEM's with them included in the box. Thanks.
You can buy those earphone wings or hooks separately.
Can somebody provide a frequency response graph?
Wonder what these vs iBasso IT01 comparison would look like.
I have the iBasso IT01... and it sounds like it costs a A LOT more. If someone told me they cost $300, I'd believe them. I don't compare them to other IEMs, especially in it's price bracket. Its sound is more comparable to full-sized headphones--It produces a robust and substantive sound. IBasso can justifiably charge a lot more for them.
I have to agree. I just got my it01's last week and holy moly I am in love with them. Not only do they sound great but it comes with a lovely beefy cable. I highly recommend them to anyone considering iems in the $90-$100 price range.
Excited to get these. Massdrop shipped them earlier than expected. In hindsight I should’ve gotten blue, but I suppose it’d be hard to lose bright red earphones.

Weirdly enough, the earphones are in my city but Fedex says it’ll take 3 more days to get to my house.