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NuForce HP-800 Headphone

NuForce HP-800 Headphone

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The NuForce HP-800 is a headphone specifically designed for the audio enthusiast that longs for great sound and unprecedented value. The HP-800's innovative design features an aluminum die-cast frame that minimizes resonance and improves articulation, along with 40mm neodymium drivers specifically tuned for accurate performance and low distortion. The precise design and construction combine to deliver an extremely wide dynamic range, striking transient speed and a flat frequency response. In addition, the HP-800s include two removable cables of audiophile-grade OFC copper conductors and gold plated 6.3mm connectors. The cables can be removed from the headset for ease of portability and replacement if your cable gets damaged. Built to the same high standard of all NuForce's award-winning products, the HP-800 represents a milestone in performance and value. Whether a dedicated audio enthusiast searching for superior reproduction and robust build-quality, or just an average listener looking for a great sound value... you're bound to be impressed. Included Accessories: One carrying bag, one light cable for portable use, and one heavy cloth sheithed cable for studio use.


Clear, rich and precise sound signature for natural warmth and visceral low end

Aluminum die-cast housing for minimized resonance and improved articulation

Concave body design for lifelike soundstaging and focused imaging

Precisely tuned, low-distortion 40mm neodymium drivers

Breathable, skin-like ear-cups with memory foam inserts for comfortable extended use

Two removable cables for portable and studio use


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