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I thought these earphones were pretty mediocre when I got them. Sounded muddy and artificial on my iphone and both my portable amps.

The surprise came when I plugged them into my stationary amp (Schiit Magni 3). The sound quite dramatically improved to not just good, but fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. All the clarity, shimmer, and richness that was missing before suddenly was there.

My best guess: Because these headphones are really low impedance starting around 1kHz (7ohms maybe?), they really benefit from a low output resistance amplifier. Whatever the reason, they’re my favorite earphones now and I’m looking for a new portable ampdac

What portable amps were you using with it?
Fiio Q1 Mark II (Output impedance = 1.2 ohms at 32ohms loaded) and a Teac HA P50 (Output impedance unknown)
How can i return them if theres sth wrong? By mail or shop
Can you fit shure tips on these?
The tips that came with my Primo 8’s don’t seal to my liking and the Comply’s seem to muddy the Sound signature.

i have been looking at the following ear tips and wanted to get some recommendations from the communit. It has come down to these 2:

VICTOR JVC EP-FX9M-B Spiral Dot Earpiece (Size M / 6 pcs)


SpinFit CP100-M – Patented Silicone Eartips for Replacement (2 Pairs, Medium size) (3.8 mm Nozzle Dia.)

I would appreciate any any input you might have. Thank you!
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For NuForce Massdrop EDC I ordered SpinFit CP800 which is the thin nozzle model. For my UE800 and Primo8 I ordered few pairs of CP100 models but they're in mail.
How are the Primo 8's with the CP100?
Does anyone have these and the EDC3’s? Not sure if these are worth getting in addition to them or if finding something higher up the food chain is better.
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If you want to do good classical music I would say get the isine. The openness of their sound really brings to life strings and brass
I’m assuming no in ear will ever do that as well as open style like the isine
Are these pair of IEMs better than HEM6 and HEM8?
nope, i prefer hem6 over anything.
I have Primo8's from a previous drop. Will offer them for $110 plus shipping CONUS (all accessories but without original packaging USPS Priority small flat rate box $7.20, in original package medium flat rate box $13.65). Like new condition. Less than 20 hours use. Great IEM's, but I have too many and these are not getting used. Reply with e-mail.
I'm really interested! My email is
hey guys - this looks like a good deal.

I have the Pinnacle P1 or Px (which is Massdrop's version of the P1). They're sort of my benchmark given they're widely known and consistently have great reviews and even the ones that do not rate them highly struggle to provide any negative input on them.

So - this is within the P1's pricepoint while the technical comparison (& to a lesser extent the original RRP) implies this would certainly be better than the P1.

Keen to know from anyone who owns both that can confirm this. Thanks!
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Thanks bud did you buy the primo from here?
Yes. The Promo8's are really nice IEM's. I would like to sell them, however, as I am not using them. I have too many in my collection. The Pinnacle P1 are highly rated but the sound signature, or tuning, was not for me. I think I prefer the more even presentation of the Priom8. So. one being better than the other is highly subjective. Didn't want you to walk away thinking my comments about the Massdrop P1 were negative.
I just received mine and after a couple of minutes of listening to them on a Fiio X3 a noticeable distortion appeared in the right earphone. It is most noticeable on voice recordings like podcasts and youtube videos. I am afraid they are defective and am thinking to return/replace them. They sound great it seems but the distortion won't let me judge them accordingly. Maybe letting them burn-in overnight might solve it but I doubt.
Hmm that's probably not a good sign! My original pair of my Primo 8 had a bad right IEM as well! It seemed to me like it was a blown low frequency BA Driver, and was only noticeable on my recordings with a deep and low bass to them!

That said, Nuforce has been GREAT to deal with, and they will most definitely fix your issues QUICKLY and probably send you another pair of them!

So if I were you, I'd either send Massdrop an email for their customer service, or send a direct email to Jyri, who runs Nuforce to my knowledge! Jyri has been a pleasure to deal with, and has gotten my problems fixed very quickly FWIW 😉

Here's Jyri's email if you need to reach out to him personally. But I would send Massdrop AND Jyri an email and see what they both have to say!