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Can anyone comment how these compare to HEM6 and EDC3?
Any advice on how to burn in ?
e.g. High volume ?
100 hours ?
classical music ?
Hey guys. Quick question. I’m not too knowledgeable on how headphone specs are measured, so I don’t really know how to compare different products. That being said, I see that these IEMs are $500 and are being sold for $140. Is there a reason for this? Are they actually $500 headphones? How might one tell? Thanks in advance!
Well the truth is these were probably never really worth $500, but they do get close.
They are sold at ost markets at far lower prices, massdrop has a specifically great deal.
They are a great pair of in-ears at this price, highly recommended.
can this be powered by a samsung S8 to reach high volumes of sound? I have a shiit fulla but im planning to use this for portability and hence why i would be using it with my samsung s8. Also this would be my first IEMs. Would this be recommended for hip hop ,rock,edm music?
Forgive my ignorance but can these be driven ok with just an iPhone? Was debating between this and EDC3. These seem like a nice step up from the EDCs but should I stick with something lower impedance? The T2s are tempting but not wild about the looks. Just getting into sound equipment and looking for my first pair of IEMs. Want something for traveling that I can enjoy without amp. I prefer neutral sound.
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Since you say you're new to the audio world, I'll just say that when you are looking at audio equipment (especially on an audiophile site like this) you will see a lot of discussions about amps, and will be tempted to think that you need one. I'll give you a couple of quick general guidelines to help you get started.

1. There aren't very many IEMs that truly need an amp. There are a (very) few that may benefit but for the most part you don't have to worry about it with IEMs.
2. I'm going to oversimplify to make it easy (the fine points can get really confusing, and despite the arguments you'll see, there is a lot of gray area). Here are the two main measurements you need to look at to tell whether you need an amp: impedance, which you correctly identified, and sensitivity - how loud they get with a given amount of power. Anything roughly 50 ohms and below could be considered low impedance, i.e., it's easy to power the drivers. Anything above, say, 106 dB sensitivity could be considered high sensitivity, i.e., they get loud easily. With 38 Ohm impedance and 118dB sensitivity, these are very easy to drive on pretty much any phone or other audio device, and don't need an amp to enjoy.

Again, there are a lot of details to get lost in as you dive deeper, but just wanted to give you a starting point to help understand what the heck people are talking about.
Thank you. Very helpful info.
Are these basically the HEM8 before the EM 8 existed?
These were out before the HEM series. The Primo8 uses a different crossover technology and is tuned differently. They're brighter and more resolving than the warm and slightly dark HEM8. It'll all boil down to preference.
Yep. As always Jay done did it bringing the knowledge. What’s funny, is on Amazon this company is marketing the HEM8 as the “newer model available“ for The Primo
primo8 or ue900s ???
UE900s is more neutral and resolving with accurate staging. I demoed a primo8 and while the highs were very sweet and lush the staging was a little funny to my ears - almost as if out of phase or something. Might be a faulty demo set but I didn't dare take the risk after.
Does anyone know how these compare to for example nuforce edc's?
I purchased the EDC 3 and the new force HEM8. I thought the EDC 4was unimaginative, however critical but overall unimpressive entirely. I much prefer the V-shaped med to low bass bump sound of the HEM8. This looks like a cheaper pair of those, but I’ll need someone else to weigh in.
Is it possible to get a bluetooth cable for these earphones?
Sony mucm2bt1 or earstudio es100. These are the pricier but better quality ones, there is a Mee version (only aptx) on massdrop at the moment.
As an owner of these from a different source, if the Comply tips provided don't fit you, get some from Comply themselves. The sound signature of these is sooooooo much better with them.
First impression was underwhelming. I was hoping for an aha effect with 4BAs per side. Lacks bass. Yes seal is important and improves bass response but still. Clarity is nice. I still need to compare them to other iem though.

Regarding built quality I am suspicious about coating improvements. Since after one week of use one side showed already chipping as shown in photo although they always have been kept in provided pouch.