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Numark NV DJ Controller

Numark NV DJ Controller

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Design Features

Featuring professional-grade hardware and software inside a portable smooth black chassis, the Numark NV is a pro audio DJ controller that offers everything for live performing, remixing, and more. Designed with producers and DJs in mind, the NV is built with 4.3 inch, full color screens that utilize the Serato DJ software to offer 1:1, real-time feedback and to provide the user with other useful features such as spinning virtual decks, FX, and cute points. The unit also features 16 color-coded, velocity-sensitive pads to offer full control over 10 pad modes for finger drumming, slicing, looping, and more.

Numark NV DJ Controller

Additional Details

Four tracks of dynamic, in-depth deck control make it easy to navigate through your library and monitor detailed waveforms. The NV also gives you integrated displays that give the user the ability to load the next song on one deck while monitoring the waveforms from another deck. Offering optimal track manipulation, the NV comes equipped with EQ, FX, and filter knobs that you can employ with a twist, or light touch.

Note: This drop is limited to 3 units.

Numark NV DJ Controller
Numark NV DJ Controller

Finishing Touches

The 5-inch touch activated platters allows you to scrub, scratch, and jog with ease. The NV hooks up to your laptop via USB 2.0 connection, and continues to function even when the laptop is closed and out of sight. For recording enthusiasts, the NV comes with Toolroom Records artist Remix Packs, which are professional-grade audio stems exclusive to Numark users.

Numark NV DJ Controller
Numark NV DJ Controller
Numark NV DJ Controller


  • Numark
  • 4-decks of Serato DJ software control
  • Integrated displays
  • Full-color displays
  • 1:1 real-time, visualization of Serato DJ
  • Touch-activated knobs
  • Dual 5-inch hyper-responsive metal platters
  • Adaptive learning platter technology
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with backlit RGB feedback
  • 10 pad modes for hot cues, loop slicing, and sample triggering
  • Dedicated 3-Way Touch-activated Filter knob on each channel
  • 12 powerful iZotope® effects with dedicated touch-activated controls
  • Integrated BPM metering for manual beat matching
  • Sync button
  • Pro-grade crossfader
  • Fader Start
  • Curve adjustment
  • USB 2.0
  • Aux and balanced mic inputs
  • Zone/booth outputs
  • Balanced XLR outputs


  • Serato DJ Software (download)
  • Toolroom Remix Pack (download)
  • USB cable
  • Power Cable with North American plug
  • User guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual


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Estimated ship date is Nov 26, 2015 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.