NW Tops "Yakima Hop" Spinning Topssearch

NW Tops "Yakima Hop" Spinning Tops

NW Tops "Yakima Hop" Spinning Tops

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Big thanks to everyone who got in on this last drop! Today we dropped them off at the Post Office and they are en route!

Thanks again!
Matt and Jen
Damn, I'm from Yakima, and I've worked with hops. I should buy it just cause.
Any chance of dropping the Columbia Ls again?
Hey, the Ls2 is all sold out but a Ls3 is in the works by summer 😉
Great news! Will keep an eye out.
Here's a sampling of mine. I have 2 Jeffersons (Br & Cu), 2 Yakimas (Br & Cu), and 2 Multnomahs (Br & SS).

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Cool! thanks!
Sorry Nano. This is my first visit back and didn’t see your request. Thanks artypan!

Bear in mind the Jefferson is the smallest top NWTops makes. The Yakima and Multnomah are a bit larger.
What color is the one on the right in the two pictures that have 3 Tops? I want to get one that matches my dark ebony Zippo
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That would be stainless steel. I think the lighting might be deceptive in the picture.
That’s what I thought, wasn’t sure though. Thanks man
They have sells on their website all the time, if you want a better price follow their Instagram and watch for them.
Since the Hop was the last received, thought I'd throw out a Family Photo.
Thinking about grabbing one from their site. What was the price on this last drop?
This is the first drop I've joined, as well as my first machined top. I've gotten some good times already, here's​ one from tonight. 5 minutes 29 second on it's bearing, and 24.5 second side-spin. I also joined the Multnomah drop, and am excited to see it in person.

My HOP finally landed. Gotta love coppertops.
Yay for me. 😁 Just ripped the center covers off my plastic spinner, now it's a four top stand. 👍🏻

But one of the fun aspects of the Hop is the end of spin. Cannot be seen with a still shot, so here's a link to YouTube. Just shot the very end of spin.


I finally found a use for the $3 plastic spinners. Rotating top holder. 😁 Looking forward to adding a Hop to my copper pile. Going to need more spinners.

What a beautiful object. I'm not really into tops but I have trouble resisting.

EDIT: finally caved in and purchased the copper version, as well as thinking about the Yakima Hop in copper. I don't even need a new hobby!
Welcome to the seductive world of tops!
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOARhKCtDds
Love that music ❤️ Thanks for the post 🍻