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NYM84 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard Kit

NYM84 Barebones Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Where's the price?
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@XiK Will this run again anytime soon? I would really like one for work.
Just got mine built finally! Love the heft of this keyboard. It was pretty easy to build and easy enough to configure using BootMapper client like the others here said.

It looks like the space bar is upside-down!
It's a stylistic thing. Also feels better on the thumb imo.
Hello guys, First of all: I'm new to building/configuring a mechanical keyboard by my own. After assembling my keyboard and using bootmapper to adjust some LED settings everything went fine until a couple of restarts/days when suddenly my LEDs stopped working. I tried fixing it via loading up another firmware with a customized .hex file with the help of bootmaper client and suddenly windows does not recognize the keyboard any more (it only says its an unknown USB device, error 43). I can't even apply a new HID/keyboard driver (through windows device manager) because it does not get recognized as one. I can't tell if its a hardware or a software problem but I guess it is a software problem because everything was fine (except for the LEDs) until I tried to upload a new firmware. Is there a way to reset the keyboard on the circuit board itself? Do you have any other tips on how to fix that issue? I already tried to plug/unplug the keyboard, use it on different machines, use different USB port, restarted PC etc. of course. Also contacted Massdrop Support but they couldn't help me and said i should try asking for help in the discussion thread. So please help me ;) Thanks in advance
Hey @Massdrop this board was supposed to be qmk programmable can you provide any info on this? I cant even find this PCB in the configurator.
[edited] I just finished building this board. The build quality is great, but the programming instructions are awful. After looking everywhere and asking around, I figured it out on my own - I obtained BOOTMAPPER client through https://meckeyalpha.com/pages/guide-on-bootmapper-client and made the changes very easily within a few minutes. @YanboWu @XiK Can you update product pages accordingly? The build quality is great but I am having trouble with key mapping. The PCB does not have a reset button, and I cannot find any information on the keyboard combination to put the PCB in programming mode. @YanboWu @XiK can you provide some help and guidance on this? The customer experience with this product is lacking and in need of improvement.



Awesome, thank you for the info, @Jino74 ! This will be a huge help once I get around to building/programming mine. Great looking 'board, by the way :) Also, how do you like the screw-in stabs? Would love to get a sound check of this beast!
Whoaa just got shipment notification more than a month ahead of schedule. I'm super excited! Thx @XiK and rest of MD team!
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Glad I came here to see that other people got the same email I did! Just gotta scoop up my box jades and keycaps and Ill be ready for my first build!
Aaandd it's delivered. I'll post pictures once it's built!

I'm guessing it's not simple to turn the PCB and plate around so that the incline is sloped the other way? Positive inclines like this are anti-ergonomic and awkward. I'd have much preferred no incline in the first place.
I recommend you check out kprepublic xd84. It has a zero incline case option.
This is going to be my endgame build for now. Going in with 67g tealios lubed, MD SA Carbon (most recent one), the PCB has underglow but the case doesn't look like it has anywhere for underglow to shine through. Is there going to be any options for an acrylic diffuser? I'd also really like to get a brass plate for this as well.
Is this a tray mount board?
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Ah, my mistake. And now I'm curious to know the answer to your question!
For a tickle over a hundred bucks, we should assume tray mount. I'm just glad we're getting a qmk pcb and stabs (even if I end up replacing them with gmk ones) included in the price of a case.
The basic layout supports 1.25u control, windows/super, and alt but the keycaps that come with don't support that layout. :/
(No 1.25 Windows/super key included in the kit)
Also doesn't make sense why you'd get 2 of each of the following:
- 1u delete - 1u page up - 1u page down - 1u end
The 2 x 1u fn keys make sense because some people put it on the bottom row and on the top.
You know, part of me wants this to sell really well so we see another run with more options (ex. case colors, hot swap, USB-C, etc). Another part of me wants only one more person to join so the 5 of us can be part of the small run club!
Either way, 3.5lb all aluminum 75% running QMK for retail 'board money? Yes please!
I would like this to be wildly popular so that they would bother to create cases in different colors and update the pcb with hot-swap and USB-c.
I'm a bit of a keyboard newb, Does this PCB / Firmware support RGB switches. I am looking to buy some silent red switches and figured I may as well get the RGB switches, but was wondering if the PCB even supports this or if it would be a waste and should just stick to the regular switches.
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Underglow LEDs are under the PCB, you're unlikely to see much through the PCB and the switches. Usually they are utilised with an acrylic bottom or diffuser, I don't think this board has either, so the underglow is going to be pretty pointless.
The RGB LED has to be on the pcb and has to be controlled by something. Keyswitches is dumb. They usually only have two leads that solder to the board (and mounting leads for strength). Some have a small channel for 3.5mm LED others as school bus said, have clear or translucent housings. If the board doesn't have the LED or pads/holes for it, won't do you any good to get 'RGB' switches.
Would be in if it had the same grey/silver case as nym96
I was hoping for a grey case this time but no luck. Black is a fine alternative, however. I intend to pair this with GMK Modern Dolch or Carbon R2.
Yeah, I hear ya. I too was a little disappointed in the lack of case color options. However, I think if it ends up being as nice as the specs make it out to be, it could be worth putting money into re anodizing, cerakote, or even automotive paint for that FULLY custom look :D
Not sure why this isn't more popular, its a steal. If I hadn't already bought a kbd75 I would have jumped on this. Its got a metal case, QMK, and underglow. Comparable options out there go for $200-260 easily. The keyset is a steal in itself, as they go for around $80 to find a DSA set with sub-dye and compatible with this 84 key format. Heck, I may even buy some just to resell. Probably the reason for so few bought is there isn't a pre-assembled version.
I agree. If this is anything like the nym96, this will be a fantastic board. can't wait to build it with some lubed Gateron yellows.
This is crazy.. Board is smaller than the NYM96 and even use the older revision 1 board compared to the NYM96 that has USB C and $10 cheaper.
In. Been waiting for the barebones kit to drop - I intend to build it with Gateron yellow linear switch. May consider the mill-max sockets for hot-swap.
Thanks @XiK!
Oh dang, do you think their sockets would fit the PCB? If this ends up being "end game" material (specs make it seem like a contender) you could count me in for a group buy.
Someone from recent NYM96 drop installed it w/o issues (see the discussion on that topic). Specific mill-max socket model info was included in the comment.
Assuming the PCB are made by the same manufacturer, it sounds like it may be worth a try. I'm still mulling over it, however, because I'm rather concerned about the manual work req'd to get those sockets installed. If anyone has experience with these, it'd be great if they can provide direction/hints.
If you would like the latest version of QMK, please use the QMK configurator.
Looking at the specs of this one and the NYM96, still active: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/nym96-barebones-mechanical-keyboard#overview i fail to understand why this Barebone is $10 more expensive. Maybe i don't see something, but from my understanding this one should be more the opposite way like $89.99.
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Our cost for the kit is actually more expensive for this set than the 96keys... might be because of the PCB/tooling for the cases. I can ask flag this to the vendor again and see what happens.
Ty Xik!
Good luck on this mission, hard to tell if the price asked or missing further information is responsible for the low number of only 2 sold right now, maybe a mixture of both.
Can you take a pic of bottom? Are there different layouts accepted? Or just this one that's pictured?
Yes and info on the mounting would be nice - is the PCB tray mount or does this keyboard have an integrated plate? It has underglow - so is the base polycarb or aluminum? Is this compatible w/ KBD75 PCB or plate? Are stabs PCB mount Cherry or plate mount Costar? MD should add more info if they want this drop to do well.