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While I do not own one of these candles, I do own their Bay Rum solid cologne. I want to let everyone know that it smells like cloves. Not a little like cloves, but punch you in the face CLOVES. If you love cloves more than anyone I've ever met, I highly recommend the bay rum scented candle. Yes, I'm still salty about how much the cologne smells like CLOVES.
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I don't know about you, but I love smelling like Indian food.
I think it's more like a baked ham than Indian food. LOL
I didn't look before ordering but I was surprised how small the candle was (8oz). I still feel it was a adequate price for the product.

I personally enjoyed the Bay Rum scent
If I had to guess I'd say the reason is because it's made with soy wax. Soy candles burn slower (company estimates 40 hours on this candle) because they burn at a lower temperature.

Source: My wife buys tons of candles and I know too much now.
Is shipping free?
Any feedback on the smells? I LOVE lavender as a scent and I hope it's nice :)
Is there any way I can smell these before buying them :-d
yes, buy them from somewhere else and smell them all and then come back and buy them here :)
If only lol

It's why I can't bring myself to join any of these candle drops, even when the descriptions sound intriguing.
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