Oak Street Bootmakers Blucher – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Oak Street Bootmakers Blucher – Massdrop Exclusive

Oak Street Bootmakers Blucher – Massdrop Exclusive

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[Note: This is an edited version of what I posted over at the Captoe Boot drop page]

I sincerely hope that these bluchers and the captoe boots represent another direction for OSB. The price for these and the boots, given their high quality, is difficult (if not impossible) to beat. Leather soles are wonderful, and OSB's are very comfortable, and soften quickly after putting them on in the morning. That satisfying leather sole tap is hard to beat, too, of course. They're a great office shoe. So, if that's your environment, do not pass up this opportunity. For me, I want them! But, living in Michigan, and not having an office job, I'm set for nice leather-sole shoes (on the relatively rare occasion that I wear them). I also don't have a close local cobbler, and, I'm not a fan of wellies (guess I really ought to be though!). Practicality is important for me with footwear. I own (and have owned, but sold) many nice shoes. Oak Street makes shoes that work perfectly for me. My favorite pair of shoes is their Trench Oxford. (I will be ordering a custom pair in black at some point, I hope!) In fact, what I really want to do, is to sell other shoes to justify purchasing at least the Seidel Chrome boots (I already own a pair of the black leather sole Lakeshore boots) and both bluchers. It is nice to see this company expand their lines, with more Dainite options, for instance. So, buy them if you can ($229 with free shipping is a steal!), and OSB, please keep on moving forward.
Ist dat Frau Blucher? Neigh!
Can someone comment on sizing? I'm trying to determine if I should go half a size down on this last, or go 9D and have the option of wearing any kind of sock (which are usually Darn Tough, either the crew light or the thicker one)

I was fitted at Allen Edmonds and I was told two of my three measures are 9D (with one being 8.5E), but almost exclusively wear 9D --- Alden 1493, Strand, and some Daltons. Also have a pair of 9D Rider Boots, a pair of RedWings, and Chippewas.
I'm a size 11 in sneakers and I wear 10.5 in most chukkas and oxfords should I get these in 10.5 or 10?
*neighing sounds*
How does the fit compare to your camp boots? I am an 11 in those, but they would be too narrow if the fit were any smaller.
I'm a 9 in the OSB trench boots... can i go a 8.5 in those shoes with wearing thin socks? thx
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Hi! Not sure if OSB can weigh in here, but if you're an E, these might be a tough fit for you. They're a very sleek last. I actually tried about half a size up and the width was perfect for me (I'm a D), but it was a bit long (I had some room in the toe). Hope this helps
Man...real bummer...
Leather insole? (like the Trench line)
Hi! The inlay is actually a little different in these. It is still full leather (a different type of leather) with foam underneath and a small foam cushion under the leather at the heel too.
Shouldn't these come with "taps"? Or at least another pair of better-looking shoes to put on, when people start laughing at you?
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We've met?
The prices on their own website ( https://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear ) seems to reflect that several of their shoes/boots often go for 40% off MSRP. Therefore, I'm unsure if there is a value in this drop. Are there particular styles that never go on sale? They look like a quality shoe though.
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Just bought a pair of Brown trench boots from you guys thanks to that sale! Had been trying to decide between the Brown and Crazy Horse but went for the brown 'cause it was slightly cheaper. A day later the Crazy Horse Trench was marked even lower! I reckon if I had the choice again, I'd have gone for the Crazy Horse... Kicking myself a little but still very happy with my purchase.

About this drop though, I've been searching high and low for a new pair of black work shoes but I take a 7.5... what are the chances of adding that size option??? Thought I'd ask.
I really like my Crazy Horse Trench boots. Got them during this past Black Friday sale.

For me, the OSB Trench last is perfect, and TTS.

I'd love a pair of the Trench Oxfords in black. (Please, oh please Massdrop x OSB!)
Is the sole just leather?
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You’re a strange guy.
Hi Chogger It is a leather sole on these, correct -- an oiled leather waterlock sole, to be exact.