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Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Sunglasses

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

So, mine show to be out for delivery today. (Fastest shipping I have ever seen with Massdrop. 2 days) and I am very much hoping that they are the correct glasses. I have seen reports of people getting something different. I will post shortly after receiving and let you know if they are correct.
So what is with the ridiculous marketing terms....the product description seems more like an April fool's joke than real. Unobtainium nose tips? Plutonite? They can't be serious. Almost made me doubt this was a real drop.
I want to get this drop, but im wondering if ANYONE received the correct item. While the red ones are nice, its not what is being advertized. If anyone did receive the correct item, and can give a product ID on it, it would be much appreciated.
That is absolutely the pic. Massdrop has been made aware of this in several posts here both recently and in the past. I'm going to order a pair and assume that they are what they are advertising. If not...?
What's the model number? Are these the standard and Asian fit? There is no model available for 213 unless it's polarized, so either the description is wrong or the price is wrong.
Are the ones you’re not supposed to be getting Prizm? Because if they do I think it’s still a good deal.
PC Babies!
Lol yes!

I have asked MD to cancel all orders. Thank you MD! I cannot accept this mass anymore. The coupon does not make it right as long as you do not shop a right item.
I thought I would never get this item after it was shipped to the Philadelphia area from Florida by way of California.

And not even close being the correct item,.............
Returning mine, hopefully the next drop will be better. If not, I'd probably stop going here. Waited a month then received a wrong item and they can't source replacements lol
I received the same response from massdrop. Attached is my response. I will certainly be returning for a full refund if they are truly unwilling to fulfill our orders correctly.
I appreciate your response. To be honest, I feel it a bit unbelievable to be unable to fulfill all of our orders with the correct item, as clearly this was a mistake on either a massdrop employees part or on an oakley employees part. From my understanding, your company operates off of group orders placed directly with the manufacturer of the product. I will certainly return the item for a refund, should your company be unable to fulfill these orders with the advertised items. But please understand that this reflects poorly on your company. And as such, considering this is my first drop I participated in, this will have left a bad taste in my mouth and persuade me from further dealings with massdrop.
Received a response today,
Here it is
So I guess that's a $20 if you keep it?
Also received wrong item, no reply from customer service yet.
I also got the wrong item. Red evzero path. Disappointed, returning for correct item.
Returning for the correct item? Are you planning to wait for another drop or did they give you a different canned response from the one posted above? Above response says they are "unable to source replacements." I find this taking the easy way out. especially because the glasses received are from a different drop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/oakley-evzero-path-and-pitch-sunglasses
At the time of responding, I had not received a response to my email to them. And had not been following here.
Has anyone heard back from customer support regarding delivery of the wrong product? They have not responded to my inquiry yet.
nope, hopefully they'll reply either Thursday or Friday
Got an EV Zero Path Red instead of Radar EV Path
They sent me the wrong pair also. Just received the same EVZero Path glasses. If they don’t fix this, it will be my last purchase with MD.
same........ massdrop pulling a fast one here, and I do not like this one bit.
The glasses I ordered and just recieved are not what was advertised in the pictures. I am extremely disappointed.
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nevermind, it's a different model
yeah red
Are these 100% authentic Oakleys? Sorry if a naive question I just get weird about buying Oakleys other than from their website.
not prizm lens
Correct. They're not highly specialized; making them more useful to more people.
Asian fit is obviously superior.
Hope that's an anatomy joke, because it would be a clever anatomy joke.
For man or woman?
Which prism lenses are these?
I think this is Prism Trail lens.
Looks like it is the 'Asian' fit, not sure how these would fit, otherwise it's a heck of a deal.
Same :(
Prizm Trail has 36% of transmission
30% is Prizm Golf
Also we can’t choose prism road lenses? They are all prism trail, so for mountain biking?
Is low-bridge fit what was called Asian fit?
Yes. Asian fit.