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Oakley Ferrari Carbon Iridium Sunglasses

Oakley Ferrari Carbon Iridium Sunglasses

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it's beautiful.
but my face is big...
Unfortunately, it is a sunglasses that I gave to my father but I am really satisfied with.
Everything looked good upon arrival. A chip in the center of the left lens (upon arrival) makes for blurred vision which is a pretty big disappointment from past perfect quality of Oakley purchases. Not sure how to initiate a return through Massdrop as they source from oakley...
was a bit worried and was considering cancelling the drop after reading all the previous comments on the damages on the Oakleys. Got mine on today and was in great condition.
Received mine on 9th Jan. The box was not in a good condition but the casing and the glasses is in good condition, no damage whatsoever.
I just bought this at previous drop still waitting it to arrive touch wood please don't break the box, but any chance Massdrop will have the polarized version?
Is this product an outlet?
It was sent in a direct nylon bag.
The box was damaged and the interior of the hard case was also broken.
The frame was distorted, with fingerprints on the lens.
There is a translation in low price.
Very disappointing.
I just received my pair yesterday and noticed The package is not well boxed as other Massdrop purchase. It is packaged in bubble bag and the shipping address is Massdrop (Return Dept.). Does this mean that my pair is a returned product or a refurbished item?
This is the Oakley Tincan Ferrari CF version. You can look for the non-Ferrari version, search for Tincan. I have 2 of these, I like them A lot.
The sunglasses really cool and lightweight! But there is the only one bad thing - that sunglasses maid in China... It's my first Oakley which not made in the USA...
I purchased some Oakley sunglasses at a well known sunglass store and on the frame it says China hope it helps with your concerns
Oakley stopped making sunglasses in USA when conglomerate Luxotica bought them. Same as Ray Ban
If there were not the Ferrari logo on the lens, then I would purchase a pair.
That kinda kills it for me too, and the fact they aren't polarized lenses.
These frames were like $300 just for the frames at my Eye Doctor....
Can the bridge/nosepads be adjusted? 18mm is a little too wide for me.
Yeh. You could adjust the nosepads - it's flexible (it's titanium :).
Not titanium! stainless steel frame with aluminium hinges with carbon arms (arms are stainless steel wrapped in carbon and rubber)
More product specification details when posting products please Massdrop.

I am noticing that the specs on various products are either incomplete or not thorough. Having worked in marketing I know why details and descriptions are more or less thorough. I have a higher expectation of a member driven seller.

For example:

Lens: plastic. Really! When purchasing eyewear the type of plastic does make a huge difference for both strength, scratch resistance and quality. I don't expect to have to search for a product online to find information. It takes a cursory search online to find that there is detailed information about different lenses. If the manufacturer doesn't initially provide then strongly encourage them to include.

UVA, UVB etc. is inadequate. What is the percentage of light that is reduced? There is a full easy classification that can be included. It makes a difference and it is my guess that you will increase your business because members will recommend Massdrop because of its street credibility.

Frames: Steel? Same as above.

What is great about Massdrop is that you are member driven and that is a given. My opinion for what it is worth is that you carry products that may not discovered through online searches or carried by major online store chains.


Why are these $100 for non-polarized sunglasses? Can't I get glasses that are just as good minus the steel frame for like $20? Is there even a lifetime warranty?
Just got my package! As you can see the image below that is the only "damage" due to shipping. Everything inside the paper box is in fine condition.
There are few points I would like to share:
1) Address issue. UPS call me (and end up Massdrop email me too) that my shipping address wasn't completed. I double checked my setting in Massdrop and found my full address is well typed. I guess Massdrop did not copy the full adress to UPS (the second line, or the room number, etc. I ordered few things from Massdrop in the past and this is the first time I got address issue.

2) For some of you may wonder: the lens look like in red-orange color but when you use it it isn't, the color of the lens are totally normal grey-sunglasses. It is only the reflection of the lens are in red color, and it is sooooo cool :)

3) Shipping time for me was good. Got email at 27Jan that the box shipped and it actually arrive at 29th (if not the address issue) I am living in Japan.