Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Bodysearch

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Is there really no warranty?
There is really no warranty. It is a grey market sale, meaning the camera was purchased by a wholesaler in a market where pricing is lower and then shipped to you. You do not get the US Olympus warranty while buying a non-US market camera.

That said, it was priced lower or comparable to a used camera body which likewise does not come with a warranty, so it's a matter of how much the warranty is worth to you.
Soooo its more expensive than amazon and no warranty... another bad drop i guess
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In your experience have you ever had issues shipping across the border before?
Apart from longer shipping (7 buiness days at most) and sometimes taxes no never had any issue
I should have jumped in on this drop but still haven't got over the grey market international spec fear
Hopefully this drop will be held again 😒
just need two other to join this lol
I've jumped on it for a micro 4/3 body for my wife. Any chance you think I'll see the other 2 people needed make the jump as well?
If these are new grey market units, that’s a pretty sweet price! I can’t wait.
Fantastic camera, though I've decided to sell mine and stick with my EM-1 mk II. $530 including three Olympus batteries, 3 third party batteries, and two travel chargers (wall and USB).

E5 mark ii or the sony a6000?
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I believe the a6500 was the first sony APS-C to have IBIS, not the a6000.
Thanks, I edited my comment and made a note.
Any reason this is taking so long to ship?
One word: "Massdrop"
Extension please?
Are these in new condition? Or reconditioned? Thanks!
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Thanks for the reply! Does this price also include tax? I notice it's free shipping.
Oh nvm, tried to join drop and I see tax not included.