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Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body

Where's the price?
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Is this a good upgrade from the original (mark I) EM5 ?
I've been using this body for almost 2 years paired with the pro lens. I use it mainly when bushwalking and the intermediate size is a great compromise for increased picture quality.
Why only black color though
anyone know if this will ship soon??
So for anyone on the fence for this camera, I thought I'd drop my two cents. I bought it a year ago, and even then, it was already hitting near 2 years old. Despite that, Olympus's controls and software feels modern and intuitive for an amateur like me.
Over a year later with the camera, I've started to want to push it's limits. It's nice that it has a HLD-8 And HLD-6 grip attachments. It lets this tiny beast of a camera convert into something more comfortable thanks to the grip and extended shutter. The bottom battery grip makes it possible to hold it vertically and adds a secondary set of controls too. This greatly extended the usefulness and comfort of my camera while still having the option to remove the add-ons for a slim street shooting camera.
Now that we're hitting the third year of this camera's life, a lot of people who shoot more regularly may be feeling it's age. Something like the Pen-F and GX9 have more to show but comes with the price tag though (new bodies are still regularly 1,000 USD, used you might fine as low as $650 for excellent condition if you're lucky). A lot of competitors are now crowding the mirrorless space once shared by Sony, FujiFilm, Panasonic and Olympus. Those who need something with "future-proof" assurances might want to hold off on this purchase if they want to know the future mirror-less.
If the above description doesn't concern you, then you can't go wrong at this price. This is nearly $200 less than I paid last year from Olympus's refurbished E-M5 mkII model. Invest in some of the smaller prime lenses if you're taking it to the streets, which are always sold used at a very decent price. If you're more outdoorsy, grab a weather proof lens and go outdoors. The Olympus superzoom 14-140mm mkII is weather sealed and works well in good light. If you're more into wild-life, the Panasonic 100-300 II is weather sealed, but if you're on a budget, you can find good prices on used Panasonic 100-300 I (version 1s) and Olympus 75-200.
Fullsize here: https://flic.kr/p/2afcD6q
Bought but now I'm having second thoughts... Can anyone tell me what this will end up costing in Canadian import duties / fees?
paid CAD $103.81 to UPS
What actual time does this end? It ends on my payday but I get paid in the evening.
I have extended it a day and it now ends Tue, September 25, 2018 @ 11:59 PM.
This will not affect fulfillment times
Definitely not worth full retail price over $1k anymore, but a very, very nice camera nonetheless. The 16mp 4/3 sensor isn't the newest kid on the block, but it won't be embarrassed by newer sensors unless you're really looking - dynamic range is still solid, and high ISO is quite usable up to about 1600-3200. Even ISO 6400 is usable, though if you're shooting at 6400 regularly, you may want to look for a FF camera or at least get a faster lens. Speaking of lenses, there's not much lacking in the m4/3 ecosystem. From wides to teles, fast primes and fast zooms, small/light and big/heavy - almost all combinations are represented.
Biggest pros over newer budget models are a faster processor (than something like a Fuji X-T100), weather resistance (with matching weather resistant lens), and a big glorious viewfinder. This viewfinder, at 0.74x, puts most <$1k viewfinders to shame, and is an absolute gem to use - much better than the peepholes on something like a D3400 or D5600.
Biggest surprise of this camera is its speed - with a UHS-II U3 SD Card, you're able to shoot at 5.5 fps until your battery runs out. Try doing that on anything else in this price range.
Biggest drawback to this camera is its continuous AF performance. Single point AF is up there with the best of them - very fast acquisition for candids and street shooting, but if you ask it to continuously keep focus on a moving subject (as in sports), it doesn't do so well. You may get some keepers outdoors in daylight, but if you're looking for close range shots of your toddler running around with the background out of focus, this probably isn't your camera - though to be fair, no AF system under $1k will reliably do that aside from maybe the A6000 or the D7200, and they have their own drawbacks, as well (usability and build on the A6000, size/bulk and buffer on the D7200).
For $550, I'd definitely get one if I didn't already own one.
The only thing M43 is lacking in terms of lenses is a tilt/shift.
Yeah, the only tilt/shift mount I've seen is an adapter, so it doesn't mount the native M43 lenses.
Wait for Black Friday... I got a silver body last year from Best Buy for $599 CAD... with a warranty. Given the age of the camera, I can definitely see same price or lower this year.
This is an awesome camera, but dang it's got too many settings and hard to remember what all the buttons do. I'm seriously thinking of going back to my OM-1/XA and film.
Is there really no warranty?
There is really no warranty. It is a grey market sale, meaning the camera was purchased by a wholesaler in a market where pricing is lower and then shipped to you. You do not get the US Olympus warranty while buying a non-US market camera.
That said, it was priced lower or comparable to a used camera body which likewise does not come with a warranty, so it's a matter of how much the warranty is worth to you.
agreed. i paid $530 for a used model a few months ago - only had 3k shots on the shutter and blah blah, but basically yes exactly what @pkirby said. a new camera, sans warranty, for a great price. i bought mine from a m4/3 forum which gave me some additional peace of mind about buying used, but if you're looking for this body and shopping ebay, i think it's a no-brainer to buy it here instead
Soooo its more expensive than amazon and no warranty... another bad drop i guess
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In your experience have you ever had issues shipping across the border before?
Apart from longer shipping (7 buiness days at most) and sometimes taxes no never had any issue
I should have jumped in on this drop but still haven't got over the grey market international spec fear
Hopefully this drop will be held again 😒
just need two other to join this lol
I've jumped on it for a micro 4/3 body for my wife. Any chance you think I'll see the other 2 people needed make the jump as well?
If these are new grey market units, that’s a pretty sweet price! I can’t wait.
Fantastic camera, though I've decided to sell mine and stick with my EM-1 mk II. $530 including three Olympus batteries, 3 third party batteries, and two travel chargers (wall and USB).
E5 mark ii or the sony a6000?
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I believe the a6500 was the first sony APS-C to have IBIS, not the a6000.
Thanks, I edited my comment and made a note.
Any reason this is taking so long to ship?
One word: "Massdrop"
Extension please?
Are these in new condition? Or reconditioned? Thanks!
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Thanks for the reply! Does this price also include tax? I notice it's free shipping.
Oh nvm, tried to join drop and I see tax not included.
How come this body is still so expensive in Europe? Shops around here (Austria/Germany) still ask well above 1000. Cheapest I've seen was 850 from a UK retailer on Amazon. Really interested in this deal but the shipping time is just bad...
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And? Have you checked it?
Yes the Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body comes with a FL-LM3 flash .
Does this come with the FL-LM3 flash that is usually included with the camera? I didn't see it in the specs, and it usually is included.
Just joined the drop! But if it does 't include the Bundled FL-LM3 (dust & splash-proof) flash, i might have to reconsider.
Yes the Olympus E-M5 Mark II Digital Camera Body comes with a FL-LM3 flash .
no tax?
So international spec means no U.S. warranty from Olympus?
Correct... maybe something from Massdrop, but not from Olympus
A friend of mine had sent an Olympus camera with international warranty/spec to US Olympus service without problem.
Oly reconditioned units are $650 via their website... carry 90 day US warranty. 2-year extended warranty adds $100., so $750 total for the same body with 2 years of US warranty and free 2-day delivery... sales tax may be the decider
What state are they located in?
Oly likely has nexus in all 50 states, but I can't be certain. The definitely charge sales tax on Michigan shipments.
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This is a great price for this camera. I got it about four months ago for $800 on Amazon. It's fantastic. Small, lightweight, shoots incredibly and handles video very well. I'm new to photography so I'm still learning the basics of composition and lighting, and I don't think there's a better camera to learn with.


I've got the previous model and it's never failed me. Great camera. There is also quite a large range of lenses, including some very nice ones from Panasonic.
I've had this camera since around when it came out. It's great. If you're a street photographer like me this is definitely a great camera to use!
A wonderful camera, I'd buy one if I didn't already have the original EM5, and planning to upgrade to the EM1 Mk2 at some point.
Is this price in Canadian? With the exchange rate this is not an option.
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yea at canadian retailers they're going for 899 right now. london drugs is one, if you're outside of BC they'll ship to you. i think most places will price match though.
Not a deal for Canadians if you factor in shipping/exchange and duties.Lots of stores in Canada are selling them for $899cdn plus free shipping.So about $1000cdn.Lowest I've seen was $799cdn but the sale only lasted a day so I'm guesting it was short lived promotion.