Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Lenssearch

Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Lens

Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro Lens

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I've had this lens for 18 months. At this price you can't go wrong. This lens very sharp and great color. "THE PRICE IS RIGHT"!! Yes, it is grey market, but at this price you can self insure the lens. I have bought a lot of grey market items and not one required any repair work except one it!! That was after 10 years of use!
Agreed, I bought this lens secondhand on craigslist for $500 (no warranty) and it's the lens on my camera 90% of the time. For the money, you really can't beat the performance of this lens.

Oddly this seems to be the only PRO lens from Olympus that ever gets discounted to this extent.
Just realize that for some grey market stuff, the importer will NOT repair it, no matter what.
So you have to find an independent repair shop who will repair it, despite the importers restriction on repairing grey market gear.
If you can't repair it, then the purchase is a one shot deal. If it breaks, throw it away.
Check the importers repair policy first, so you at least know where you stand.
This should have specifically been listed as a grey market item with no warranty. I'm pretty disappointed in massdrop for this. Had I known that was the case, I would have purchased it from a source that provided a warranty option. I will be thinking twice before I use massdrop again, especially if they're going to avoid stating where their supplies are coming from.
This lens seems to have a mechanical focus ring. Can you do proper focus pulling in video with it?
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I own this lens for about 6 months, and I'm very happy with it. It does pretty well for manual focus video work, but actually it's not mechanical focusing like DSLR lenses. It's same electronic fly-by-wire mechanism like any other MFT lenses but, it has hard stops for both minimum and maximum focal distance and it gets heavier to rotate when you pull the focus ring . When you use this manual focus ring, you can feel the slight delay(Yeah, it's basically fraction of a second) of its focusing and hear the small sound of the focusing motor. So, you better use an external microphone for professional video work.
And I found the stop points. They are enabled once you change to full manual focus by pulling in what Olympus calls the "manual focus clutch." One gotcha with Olympus. If you put a lens into manual focus and then put another lens on the camera body, the camera stays in manual focus. It is quite annoying the first time it happens.
Sucks that the ship date came and went today. Hopefully we get an update soon. I'd like the lens before Christmas if possible!
Anyone who missed the deal now can get it reconditioned from Olympus for $543.99 before taxes during their Cyber Monday deal.
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Hey Jak,

Can you post a link for us because if Im not mistaken the cost is $799.
Sorry Jayson. Looks like it was on their outlet site.
Buy this lens right now. At $599.99 - seriously - do not wait another second. Just buy it.
Is price likely to come down any further?
Hello, has anyone had any experience with buying from Massdrop and having items shipped to the UK?
I've shipped to the Netherlands before. But as far as massdrop goes, there's nothing wrong with their shipping. But you'd best look up your country's import policy, because you should expect to have to pay import duties. At least in the Netherlands, you'll be lucky if you don't have to pay anything. Normally you'd pay tax over product value + tax over the shipping value, and import duties. Which in the Netherlands can be as much as 70 euro's (about 60 gbp?) . Hope this helps :)
Thank you very much, very helpful
I want this to be my long-term replacement for my kit lens. Finally a reasonable price!
does this come with US warranty?
If the price is low enough, then you self insure. Buying at a low price covers any repair cost out of your pocke,t should you have I problem. My personal experience has been that I never had any problem with an overseas purchase. I have bought many items not only photo graphic directly from foreign sellers.
Right now on JetCamera for $550. Various other grey-market dealers have it for $600
Edit: while it is cheaper on jetcameras, their reputation is terrible. It's up to you if you want to risk it for only $50 savings.
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look up "jetcameras ratings" and find people who get up-sold, ripped off, etc. Massdrop is offering a great price on a great lens.
Well I really don't want to endorse them now. I was just listing alternatives. Especially since MD Dropped the price by $50 to be in line with other grey-market distributors, makes this even better deal for us. I have edited my post with a caveat that the vendor is terrible.