One Drop & CLYW Dino Warrior Summit YoYo NQPsearch

One Drop & CLYW Dino Warrior Summit YoYo NQP

One Drop & CLYW Dino Warrior Summit YoYo NQP

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A Meeting of Minds

When CLYW and One Drop YoYos, two of the highest rated names in the yoyo community, met together to produce a new model, they aimed to bring the best of both worlds to the table. Enter the Summit, a yoyo built with ideal speed, a standalone aesthetic, and satisfying throw. The entire project was filmed and produced into a documentary that you can see at the bottom of the page. 

Note: This is for the Dino Warrior Summit NQP (Not Quite Perfect). Each yoyo in this run has the same defect, the splash anodization slightly raised enough to feel when running your finger over the surface. The run is limited to 24 yoyos.

One Drop & CLYW Dino Warrior Summit YoYo NQP

Not Quite Perfect

The abbreviation NQP stands for Not Quite Perfect. These are yoyos that have slight imperfections or aesthetic flaws that have no affect on the throw or performance of the yoyo. An example might be that when they anodized the metal to add the colorway, the color didn’t quite lay flat, or the coloring didn’t take to a part of the body. Ultimately, these same high performance yoyos are discounted, despite performing exactly the same.

Collaborative Design

The Summit was made with the best aspects of two of their favorite designs: the Avalanche (CLYW) and the Cascade (One Drop). The designers borrowed from the Avalanche’s profile, adding wider rims and a distinct step from the gap. The dropstep cup design came from the Cascade to create a weight distribution that gives the player plenty of control. The axle is the iconic One Drop Side Effect system which allows the weight and the look of the yoyo to be easily modded. The resulting design is sleeker and more functional. Each model is finished with a fine Pyramatte.


  • One Drop & CLYW
  • Dino Warrior Summit YoYo NQP
  • Large (C) stainless steel ball bearing (One Drop 10)
  • CLYW Snow Tires stock response
  • Pyramatte finish
  • Side Effects axle system
  • Gap Width: 4.34 mm
  • Width: 46 mm
  • Diameter: 55.64 mm
  • Base Weight: 64.20


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