Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2-Ch Dolby Atmos AV Receiversearch

Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2-Ch Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

Onkyo TX-RZ830 9.2-Ch Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Massdrop - is there any chance we could get a 220 volt version of this? That would make this an insta-buy for me (and likely quite a few other people too).
I'm not from MD but I can assure you, they are NOT going to procure 220v units just for international users in this drop. Your best bet is to start a specific poll for 220v AV receivers, and depending on the number of votes in it there's a very slim chance of them bothering to organize a drop for one.
I expected as much, thanks Anzial. I'd be wary of adding a step-down converter into the mix, just in case that could introduce noise into the equation.
The 9.2 will help correct a problem with the 7.2 serving speakers in other rooms. 7.2 has a zone problem that couldn't be corrected unless the system ran 5.1 speakers. This is still a pretty good price for a high powered AMP. Just make sure it gets lots of air flow or they can burn out.
Wow. So looking at the display, these Onkyos are just Pioneer Elites now I guess? Seeing a lot of similarities between it and my SC-1223....
Makes sense, since they are manufactured by the same company, just different brands.
Still waiting for a re-up of the Pioneer SC-LX701, with Class D amps. They use about 2/5 of the energy this Onkyo or the Pioneer VSX series use. (of course, they cost about $300 to $500 more, but overall better specs).
Howdy Everyone,

Sorry about the error in copy. Slight miscommunication happened there. You will receive a $300 coupon that you can activate at checkout. However, with the coupon activated this is a great price that you wont find anywhere else!

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So I'm guessing Dolby Atoms was not an error? lol
$400 coupon would defiantly more enticing. Hopefully this can be corrected and I would join the drop!
Dolby Atoms
It'll shake up your Atmos
I was going to join the drop but when I saw there is only a $300 coupon, I decided not to. I would buy at $899.
How does this compare to the RZ810?
Easiest to go to Onkyo site and click on compare. This is one is two generations newer and is 9.1 speaker hookup vs 7.1 speaker hookup as one of the differences.
Thanks. I bought the 810 a year or so ago from Amazon- sounds amazing. Can't see buying a newer model since I'm not going 9.1 anyway.
You need to join the drop and then in the option dropdown you'll see the discount, however, it's for $300 when in the drop description says it's for $400.
There is nothing special about this price. Amazon currently has it for $1299 as well.

Edit: There is a $400 coupon that you can apply during the checkout process bringing the price down to $899. I stand corrected.
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When I join the drop, there's only an option for a -$300 discount, not -$400 like the description says. Bait and switch, much?
I haven't joined the drop yet, as I'm sure my wife wouldn't appreciate me dropping at least $900 without discussing it first. Have you reached out to support to see if the coupon you received was the correct amount? I'm wondering if they messed up the description or the coupon.
"Dolby Atoms" are cracking me up. MD keeps up the streak of errors and omissions in their drop descriptions and titles.

Just FYI, this is 120v ONLY, does not work in most of the world, even if MD is willing to ship, you'll need a beefy AC 220v-110v converter to use this (almost 1kw)
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The "Atmos" version is still available but you do not at the discounted price.

Quote from Anzial "Dolby Atoms" are cracking me up. MD keeps up the streak of errors and omissions in their drop descriptions and titles.
discount is still there, it's just $100 less than originally, I guess atoms are cheaper than atmos lol
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