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Opus #1 MQS Portable Player

Opus #1 MQS Portable Player

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Nice DAP, but operating sotware has some errors. Music player hangs sometimes, doesn't like over 30 minuts files (i.e. concerts or classic music). Last software update was released in May. Used font is unreadable, please The Bit change it to Roboto.
Still plays very good.
This is an awesome little DAP, totally worth the price asked here, and even more.
Really want the metal premium version, but this deal just isn't good enough. They're available on amazon for $5 more ($445) and will still be there when my next paycheck arrives. MD made a good attempt, but not really helpful when it's time to buy.
Newbie here. So I'm guessing that this is like 10,000X better than listening to music on my iPhone? Am I downloading music from my iTunes library and such or specific websites? I did order theK7XX turbo charged cans and a DAC amp so would like a nice portable player to go with. Thanks
This is on amazon for $10 more and free prime shipping
And ?

The world is not limited to the US and amazon.com, this is still a good price for a good DAP with very reasonable shipping fees outside of the US. Unlike some other Massdrop items.
Considering roughly half of all traffic to massdrop if from the US, I've now given them relevant information for purchasing this product for any of them that don't want to wait until October 18th for a shipping notification.
I'm sorry you don't find this information useful.
FYI.. this is Android "based" not a full Android OS, i.e. you can't load Spotify, Tidal, etc.
I still try to understand the use case of a portable player without physical buttons. Is it a portable player to NOT be used on the go and just sitting on your sofa? I for one cherish quality portable players with physical buttons that a) do not waste charge on huge screens b) focus on the music and not resembling a phone and 3) I can skip a song without looking while running or on any other circumstance.

I guess I am not the target for this type of "portable" players where you have to be doing nothing but navigating visual menus.
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Maybe but using a screen requires two hands it almost requires you to stop walking or doing what you are doing and focus on navigating the device... which is cool. But as with phones I for one in players want quick physical buttons I can navigate without even pulling out the device. Just as with T9 predictive in phones there was a time I could write a decent midsized reply without looking at the phone and the battery life was amazing. A screen like the xduoo x3 is all I need.
And given I loathe subscription music models and the need for internet for a device to work this is just not for me... I like paying for my physical copies of an album and or HD tracks so... I guess I'm gonna pass this one. Huge screen and wireless are just deal breakers for me in how the kill the battery life.
1)Battery charge being wasted on a huge screen only matters if you use the player for other android apps, negligible for the few seconds it takes to find a track, since using a touch screen to find 1 of 25000 tracks is a lot faster than the scroll wheel of previous gen.
2) If it works better than buttons who cares if it looks like an iphone.
3) Not sure about the opus, but the fiio x5 has (in this order) Play/pause -- volume wheel -- previous track -- next track ... all in line on the side of the device, which I often "shuffle all tracks" and explore without ever activating the screen.

Overall I wouldn't get hung up on the screen thing until you try it, I was very very excited to use a a scroll wheel device (gen ii) until I tried finding a track and had to scroll letter to letter, or favorite a track, which was a chain of wheel scrolls and buttons, the screen does make it a lot easier if you can come to terms with 8 realistic hours of music listening with a lot of track changes and library exploring as opposed to the 10-12 of a small screen device.
Similar one here (bigger), different DAC chip. This one has open android so you can install apps. US$269

Pioneer XDP-100R-S
I'm stuck between this Opus #1, the Fiio X5 3rd gen and the iBasso DX80.
Any suggestions?
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I just want to spend under $400 that DX200 is almost $1000! Thank you all for the suggestions
And this is why he is stuck. I was in the same situation until I tried them all. After trying, the X7 was the obvious choice for me. My experience does not match yours at all. I guess preference matters a lot, and so they must try them out and decide for themselves.
What's the difference between Sony's DAPs that advertise 20-40 hours of battery life and all of these other DAPs (Opus, Astell&Kern, Onkyo, Fiio etc) that all sit around 10 or so hours of battery? I'm looking to invest in one as an upgrade from my HTC 10 and I'm trying to decide between waiting for the ZX300 Walkman or going with another product elsewhere (AK70 or AK70 II for instance). Are Walkmans in general not the way to go for DAPs? I'm really just looking for a good all-around product since it will be my first DAP. I do want a product that has balanced output. Other than that, I don't care if it has bluetooth or wifi capabilities.
Since ZX300 and AK70MK2 are not out yet, no one is going to help you on that one.

The reason for lower battery is usually Android-based UI, which doesn't make DAP actually power-efficient.
Drawback is that most Sony DAPs have a relatively laggy UI because of lower CPU power, but it doesn't make them bad DAPs nonetheless.

Opus #1 probably has the best battery life you can get out of an Android-based DAP, except for AK Kann, which is 3 times the price.

You cannot go wrong with Opus #1, but you're welcome to wait for ZX300 and AK70MK2 if you prefer to have more choices.
Thanks. I actually read a few of your other posts about this DAP (and some reviews as well) and it seems like this may be the better option for me.
I have used this dap (regular not metal) and she is a beast of a player. Great clean sound and pairs wonderfully with the topping mini amp. The battery life is fantastic and rivals even my Kann
How does it compare to Astell & Kern AK Jr. or FiiO X5?