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Orient Bambino Version 4 Automatic Watch

Orient Bambino Version 4 Automatic Watch

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Waaaah how did I miss this?! I hope the V4 with the green face comes back ūüėě
For those keen to swap straps, here's how the green dial looks on various strap options

Do you have a particular spot you recommend for someone wanting to learn more about after market straps and where to get them?
Hmmm... Was about to join the drop, but a quick search and I found I can get the one I want a couple dollars cheaper, and a lot quicker...


I'm not overly impressed with the price here.
Figures, the version I was hoping for...but rather as a birthday gift. You're a little too early for that massdrop!...even with the near month wait.

Edit: Also, no warranty? I think I'd pay the extra $15 or so even though it's only a year long warranty. The more expensive the device the more I prefer to be covered by a nice warranty. I mean shoot I've been one of the less than a percent of people who have had their modmic's magnet fall out of the clasp. Luckily Antlion was great about it and sent me out a new one for free even though mine's well out of warranty, and I could have probably found some epoxy or something to glue it back in.
Here is the brown dial rose gold one for 5 dollars more with 2 year warranty and free shipping to the US.
https://orientwatchusa.com/service/authenticity/ as you can see there "No warranty is offered on watches purchased through unauthorized dealers." Plus I'm after the blue, though the brown with rose gold isn't a bad looker either.
Edit: Though I am just now reading their warranty page now, so I guess they offer their own(which seems pretty decent based on their word), sort of like massdrop used to before this year.
Edit2: Also looks like they do have the blue as well. Thanks for the link, I might have to consider this, even if I give it as a b-day idea. https://www.passthewatch.com/orient-bambino-version-4-fac08004d0-automatic-blue-dial-black-leather-band-men-s-watch
I really wish there was one with a white or cream dial.
I'm planning to buy the watch but I can't decide which colour I should get. Any suggestions?
Which is the best colour?
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I'm always looking for another good looking dress watch. I've had my eye on the Bambino version two 2nd gen model with the F6722 movement for a while. I love the one with the beige/cream colored dial and brilliant blue hands. Unlike some of the earlier Bambino models the F6722 movement offers hand winding and seconds hand hacking which is also a plus. The next time I've got a little cash burning a hike in my pocket I'll pick one up.
The strap can easily be changed, so need to worry about that!
Great looking watch. I'd love to buy it, but sadly it will never get wrist time.
It's hard to tell from the photos, but does this version have the domed crystal that the v1&2's where famous for?
Yeah, it's domed.
Just made the jump! I already have a Bambino v3. It's a great watch. Been waiting for *months* for v3 to become available through retailers again, let alone v4. Bought this for my brother. The only annoying thing about v3 and below is the nonstandard 21mm lug width. Makes getting new straps almost impossible. v4 @ 22mm is a pleasant surprise.
Follow up: it looks like all of the online retailers have stock of Bambino now. I guess there is no longer a shortage. MD price is still cheaper though.
I thought I'd have the same problem with an Orient Star Seeker GMT, a 42mm case with 21mm lug width. But it turns out lug width is never exactly what the manufacturer states because... manufacturing tolerances... : )

The Star Seeker happily accepted a 22mm Russian leather strap from Steinhart and it fit perfectly. So chances are you can go 22mm or 20mm with the V3 Bambino and you, more than likely, won't have problems. Also, straps can vary in their width.
Looks great but 42mm..
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Thank you sir
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