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Orient Executive Sun & Moon Automatic Watch

Orient Executive Sun & Moon Automatic Watch

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I just got the V2 and love it but, I scored it 40 dollars cheaper from another place !Love everything about it but not being able to hand wind is a bummer, but it doesn’t out way the quality !!
The last automatic watch I purchased from Massdrop only worked for three weeks before the stem stopped winding the watch movement. I reached out to Massdrop multiple times with no response. I can't recommend buying from them.
Please offer the blue hand version...
The lug width of 22mm is just simply too wide the look of this watch. It would do better with a 20mm, it would look a little more elegant.
I've never seen Sun & Moons like these, and a quick Google search for Ver 1, 2, and 3 yielded watches that don't have a simple date window, like the watches here. Does anyone know what these are?
I think it’s a V1. I have a V2 and V3 that have roman numerals.
Order page shows the Version 2 | FET0T002B0 as extra $35 but the pictures and store page shows it as $30 extra. Which is it?
I was thinking about getting this watch, but its $189.92 on ebay. So with any kind of coupon or discount code it would be cheaper than the $184.99. If it was $160 like previous posters have stated, I would buy it no problem. Does the Sun and moon image do anything or its just a stationary image?
AM and PM indicator
It's a good looking watch, very happy with it
Would be great if there was a possibility of unlocking a lower price, gonna have to hold out. The previous $159.99 was a no brainer.
I missed the last drop. But $30 more, no thanks.
Seriously, why 25% higher price?
Where is this being shipped from? Is it EU or US?
If US I guess I will have to pay import charges ...
No blue and it still sold out? I have the blue one, but it does not have hand-winding. I love the watch, but the strap is garbage. I have had this for years, and it has held up well.
Man....I was late :'(
Gone already :(

Anybody care to share the price
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And a deal at that price, no wonder they're gone
Indeed. Especially with only 24 total units available to begin with.
Am I wrong in thinking that this watch doesn't hack and hand wind? I'm a bit disappointed, as there's a V3 of this watch, and massdrop is only making V1 available.
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Yeah, several years ago it could be found around ~$180 but the thickness and the cheapo movement meant i was going to pass.
This is the same movement as the "classic" V2. While it isn't hackable, with the crown pulled out, you can get the second hand to stop and even run backwards by turning the crown anti-clockwise slightly.

No hand winding is a bit of drag, but not a deal killer at this price point.