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Orient Power Reserve Automatic Watch

Orient Power Reserve Automatic Watch

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Just want to add that this watch is available from passthewatch for $190 with free shipping in the US, use TAKE5 for an extra 5% off.

I just picked up the white version and I actually really like it. Wish the side of the case is brushed instead of polished to prevent scuffing and that it's sapphire, but I wasn't expecting that at this price.

Also the white dial is actually a very nice sunburst design instead of the flat white in the pictures, a nice surprise there. Watch also wears larger than a 43 would indicate, so keep that in mind. Bracelet is also nice, heavy and solid for this price range. Non-hacking and winding is kinda a bummer, but I don't mind it too much.

Overall I really really like this watch, solid acquisition at $180.
I think that a power reserve indicator is more useful in a watch that can be hand wound.
I'm looking for a brown leather strap to replace on my watch. Does anybody know a good place for one?
how much was this drop?
All the pictures that i have researched are showing the side winders or dials (sorry for not knowing the proper term) at the bottom. So one "winder" is at center right (facing the watch) and the other is at an angle to the bottom right. It doesn't match the picture shown on here. Does anyone know why this is?
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Thank you for the wisdom.

Sure thing Carter, not a problem friend
What do the numbers on the corner around the watch is used for?
Go google up slide rule or E6B calculator. This was basically used as an analog calculator in the past for calculating certain things and make conversions. There are ton of example videos and write ups available.
Its been a month since the purchase and they items still not here. FedEx states the item has not been shi just completed the shipping info. Not doing business with Massdrop again.
Appreciate some update on the shipping status if it's delayed or what not. If not I will be doing a credit card charge back for non delivery of goods.
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I received the same
I have received notification on 11th Nov that my item is being shipped and a tracking number.
Did it got shipped yet?
First time using Mass Drop. Lets see how it goes...
Is there warranty?
No Cai, but there is a 30 day return period if it is faulty out of the box. Presuming you are new to MD, if a warranty is offered, it will be stated in the description and bullet points of the specific drop. If it is not listed, it is covered by Massdrop's 30 day return policy, as stipulated here:



I wish that Massdrop would be explicit about it when an automatic watch is non-hacking/non-hand windable, rather than make us guess.

The date complication on this watch is interesting and odd, looking like an off-center seconds complicaltion. I think it would be better as a retrograde complication like the power reserve.
Terrible photo quality...