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Blue ray II please!!!
I wish MD make a release for orient ray ii blue
yea i wish the blue ray II would become a drop soon. I would so pounce on that sexy beast
How do you create a drop for the 'Blue Ray II'?
I really want a Mako or Ray, but I don't like leather/plastic bands. Does anyone know if there is an option to get this with a metal bracelet? or if one can be bought separately from Orient?
for your information , amazon has this model in black for 81$ this morning. 11/15/2015
How much was the lowest price for this drop?
I just saw this on Mass Drop, and thought it was a hot deal. Mass Drop just listed the Orient Ray watch on their site. This drop is limited to 250 black and 250 blue models, which come with a rubber strap. Currently the price is listed as $119.99USD, but once 30 people commit to the drop the price will fall to $99.99USD.
Is there any chance that this drop is comming back? And if so could the SS bracelet be an extra option?
Really looking forward to this coming back as well. I feel a need for a nice black diver. If anyone knows something around the same price range I'd love to hear your recommendations!
Release this please. I want it soon omg so nice :)
Looks like there's a new Mako now with better lume, sapphire crystal, solid end links, and lower MSRP.
MD should get on that.
Bummed I missed the blue in the July Bazaar. Did manage to grab a producer but would definitely like to add a blue ray/mako to the collection.
I just got a new leather strap in the mail today. Loving the brown colour and its thinness. I got it from this eBay item, however it looks like all the 22mm sizes are gone: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/231509856296?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&var=530762789373&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
The wait is excruciating . Has been with the local carrier for 5 days now and no movement! Gahh! So close yet so far.
Noticed there weren't any, so here's a lume shot.
Nice shot. I find the lume is great, I don't get that someone said it is not suitable for diving... it has great lume!
Hi All Been wearing this Blue Ray for almost two weeks now and have not had to re-set the time. Its keeping excellent time. You will see it slow down abit when day-date is changing, but buy the time the morning roles around its almost back to original time. (I am only talking a matter of a few seconds) ALMOST TWO WEEKS... LESS THAN 10 SECONDS OF ERROR. That's not a type-o, less than 10 seconds!
I received it today. It is some attractive. But 1. Small size to me. It is good for 16-18Cm wrist size. 2. The sound of winding is not smooth, but bearable. 3. There is no vinyl attached in bare state. Is everybody same?
My ray pictures following.

Finally got mine! Thanks for the drop.
It really is a stunning watch.
Boys bring this JAP Beauty ,i need one,in Australia this watch is 60 $ extra, for us Ozy suckers!!! all good stuff from around world in here Australia is 30%-60% extra,Who is SLAVE of 21 century ?????!!!!!!ha
Feel sorry for you mate!
It is just me or when the date changes it always changes to Spanish even when I have set it to English ? For example, on Monday is was in English but Tuesday it was still Monday but in Spanish ?
No date change problems on my watch
Received in Singapore. Thanks Massdrop! Looking forward to more drops in the future!
Yeah... Just got mine today.... [img:1432973466898.pef.jpg]
Mine has been held at customs for a week now?
Got my blue Ray yesterday. Beautiful colour, but like others not a real fan of the strap- was going to use a NATO or shark mesh anyway so not a concern.
I don't have a watch spring bar tool, but found a great way to remove the spring bars to replace the strap that just had to share.
Grab a bit of dental floss or fishing line wrapped a couple of times around one end of where the the strap meets the watch case. Tighten then pull downwards - might take a few goes, but the spring comes off without bending it and without gouging the case, that could happen easily with a mini-screwdriver or knife.
Hope that helps some others as has made me feel confident about quickly and easily rotating through a few different straps I ordered just for this, without risking harming the case of this beauty.
My watch arrived today and it sounds broken. This is the video of it when I shake it:

I'm in New Zealand, what to do now??
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Could have also just Googled it, not an uncommon question. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f410/rattling-sound-my-new-ray-1546290.html
Different watches have different movements. If you want an efficient and quiet automatic, you might need to purchase some with higher end movements. You get what you pay for.
Mine sounds exactly the same. It is the bearing they use in the rotor I think. But mine is keeping excellent time so the movement seems good.

Got mine last week and the new band fit nicely. It's a zulu from a seller on Ebay. Navy with a silver stripe. Colors compliment very well.
Looks awesome .....very complementary strap
already got mine, but for Thailand need to pay approx. 12 USD more on tax and custom fee. BTW still nice watch for budget
The strap that comes with the watch is ridiculously big! I dont know American wrist sizes but here in Spain we are not giants :D
Other than that great buy thank you Massdrop!
Orient has nothing to do with the US but technically the ray is a diver, so the strap is longer in case you want to put it over a wetsuit.
My Blue Ray finally arrived. It's very nice. Now I just have to find the appropriate strap for it. Anyone have any good suggestions?
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That looks great! What brand NATO is that and where did you get it? I've seen navy blue straps before that are not anywhere near as dark.
As I'm in Europe I get all my natos and zulus from monkey_swag on ebay. And that's the link for that particular model http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NATO-NYLON-WATCH-STRAP-/290979071311?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&var=&hash=item43bfb4454f It's the royal navy 22mm
I just received it today too. I had to pay 9.95$ handling cost + taxes on the canadian value of the watch (122$ CAD), so a total of 28.22$ CAD additional fees. This is in Montréal, Canada. Still a great watch, very happy with my purchase, but not with the extra costs!
I'm really enjoying the Ray. It's a very compact, elegant and uncluttered design. The dark blue on the face is a little deceiving... in low light and looking head on the face appears black - you don't see the blue until you start looking at the face at different angles. I kind of like the band that comes with it, although I might eventually swap it out of a Nato band as well. This was a a great purchase - even if it meant I had to buy another watch winder because of the number of automatics I have keeps growing.