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Originative GMK Keycap Sets

Originative GMK Keycap Sets

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GMK-Manufactured with Doubleshot Molding

Both Dolch and Charred Orange are manufactured by GMK in Germany with the original Cherry equipment. GMK is known for using high-quality materials to ensure longevity in its products. They are created with Cherry’s original doubleshot molding equipment using the highest quality ABS plastic.

Originative GMK Keycap Sets
Originative GMK Keycap Sets

Note: This drop is for the GMK Dolch or Charred Orange Keycap Sets. The Base Kit for GMK Dolch, which contains 98 keys, including the Winkeyless, Winkey, and two colored Esc keys. You can also add a Dolch Extension Set at checkout. There are limited quantities available. The Base Kit for Charred Orange includes all 104 keys, plus additional modifers


Originally made for Dolch PAC systems with the Cherry G80-1813, Dolch is arguably one of the most recognizable key sets around, embodying a simple and timeless aesthetic that has spawned many replicas over the years. By having the original tooling equipment, GMK boasts the most authentic, top-quality re-creations available. Made with thick doubleshot ABS in Cherry profile, GMK Dolch adds style to boards both old and new.

Originative GMK Keycap Sets
Originative GMK Keycap Sets
Originative GMK Keycap Sets


Included in the Base Set
Extension Set

Charred Orange

Inspired by the Skidata, which had orange legends on gray keycaps, Originative has designed a set that was similar to this old Cherry keyboard.

Originative GMK Keycap Sets


  • OriginativeCo
  • GMK Keycaps
  • Cherry Profile
  • Doubleshot ABS


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