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These are quite underrated and are not sub 200 chinese models like someone mentioned.

I preferred these over the it03 ie80 535 etc
In all seriousness, while the aesthetics are nice, are there good reasons to consider these now that the Massdrop Plus is available for the same price?
No, it looks nice and comes with a great case but the sound is not for everyone. Sound signature is neither the lower end nor high end, just plain meh all the way, sounds just like sub 200 low tier China models. I would strongly suggest going for other brands.
It's 374 on https://www.en.oriolus.jp/product-page/forsteni and it comes with that pw cable?
What’s pw?
cable isn't removable?
It is removable, though it is a very tight fit.

Oriolus Forsteni, or IM02, vs Pinnacle P1 vs IE80 vs New Primacy vs iBasso IT03 ?

Budget: $500 at max.

Source: Samsung Galaxy S7E, Spotify and 320kbps/FLAC files.

Requirements for Isolation: I want other people to not be hearing what I listen to. I would like isolation, ideally. Noise cancellation not required, but wouldn't be unwelcome.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public?: Yes, most of the time, to the gym, during breaks at work, during study sessions etc

Preferred type of headphone: IEM

Tonal preferences: I really don't know other than that I like bass. I like hip hop/rap, post hardcore, classical, rock, some EDM...

Past headphones:: I have the HD650, but without an amp.. using my iMac

Preferred music:I listen to a lot of kinds of music. Electronic-dance, rock, metal, hip-hop, rap, classical, some study playlists from Spotify. etc

Eminem, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, DMX, Gorillaz, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, God Is an Astronaut, etc

What I want to improve from my past setup: To be honest, I don't mind my current setup. I just want some good sound IEM's for when I'm outside.
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I meant for the HD650s, but yeah even better a dragonfly for both...
I have also auditioned all of those (IM02, IE80, New Primacy, IT03) plus some others (XBA-A3, Fidue A83, Shure SE535, Westone UM3X, Westone 4R, etc)

I have to agree with E111, I have the HS1551CU and wow these are very good. My current XBA-A3 has been relegated to commute-only use.
which is better , these or sennheiser IE80?
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As much as I want to shit on Sennheiser. No I don’t agree they have value for the money. Ie 80 is way clearer than those above except the Oriviti haven’t tried it yet.
I would have campfire audio or JH audio model in the same price range than any of the Chinese products...
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No it’s Japanese ...
You're right, it is. I purchased the Oriolus MK2 in Hong Kong under the impression it was Japanese. The parent company is actually called Raosound.
I noticed that it was also associated with a company named Mini Audio, based in Shenzhen. http://www.mini-audio.com/miniaudio/ProductList.asp?SortID=8

The company that manufactures Oriolus MK2 also manufactures two other brands, Hyla and Azla. While they are Chinese, I think their quality has gotten better over time. That being said and having tried Azla IEMs as well, I find this company's IEMs to have rather painful treble. It's sharp and piercing, to the point that I had to return my Oriolus MK2 after just a day of owning it.
These or shure se 535s?
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Shure 535 lack bass but Oriolus Forsteni's bass can be a little bit too much for some. I prefer these but ymmv.
I traded my hifiman he 400i for a pair of shure se 535s. The dude gave me 50$ CAD ontop.