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Just got it, some weird marks near one of the belt holes but whatever, this will be the belt hole I will use the most anyway.
One thing that stands out though, is it supposed to be so stiff out of the box? It's not even the creaking and squeaking it does when I put it on, it creaks as I walk.
It softens up after a few wears and the squeak goes away
Harness leather is a pretty stiff one, so the creaking is perfectly normal. After you wear it a few times, the leather will start breaking in and softening, and the squeaking will go away. The full breaking in process can take a little while, depending on a particular piece of leather, the climate you live in, how often you wear the belt, etc. Eventually, and usually it takes a few weeks to sometimes a few months, the leather will completely mold itself to the shape of your body and become soft and pliable. But for the get-go, Harness is a stiff, tight-grained leather. If you want to speed up the breaking in process, we recommend using a conditioner. It's a good idea to condition your leather every once in a while, anyway.
Great guide for buying a belt while trying to figure out what is what when it comes to the leather.
Thanks. I read it, and it was helpful.

I then made the mistake of reading the comments. The bottom 7 appear to have been generated by spambots looking for the word "leather."
You're welcome. Yeah companies use bots to try to take advantage of others hardwork.
I know that Orion leather company lives up to their Manufacturer warranty. If you have any problem at all which is truly a manufacturers defect they will replace it free of charge.
They truly serve there customers before and after the sale. Whether it's sold directly through them or one of their distributors.
Would you consider making a thicker 'gun belt?' The quality reminds me of some of those, but no one makes a burgundy oxford color like you. What do you think? Look at Wild Bill's Concealment. They make belts with Chicago Screws in them, so the buckles are changeable. Go for it, your company can be like Wild Bill HIckock!
We are actually working on some concealed carry solutions at the moment. So far it looks like it will include a holster and a belt. Not sure if we would run it as a Massdrop drop, but it is a possibility.
Good let me know,
Does the current drop have snaps on the belt?
Chicago screw post allows for changing of the buckle as well
Does anyone know which this has? I'm a fan of Chicago screws, but I don't care for snaps. Just not my thing. I'll snag one of these if it's Chicago screws . . .
Anyone in Canada still not received their belt?
Im a bit disappointed. Is it poor craftsmanship?
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Please, contact Orion Leather directly, they will replace it free of charge. They do have a warranty on all the belts against manufacturing defects, and this one was just a bit too wide for the buckle, which counts as a manufacturing defect.
This looks like the strap was a little wide to fit properly on the buckle, so when you slide the belt through to buckle, it creases on the sides. This is a mistake on our part. If you could please contact us directly at, and provide your Massdrop proof of purchase, we will replace the belt for you.
I wear 28 pants size. Bought 30 belt. Its a bit too small. 32 would be Perfect. Keeps me motivated to be in shape. :)
Why does a 44" belt measure at 50.25"? The smallest hole is two inches shy of being usable. I wear a 33" jean and have a 35-36” true waist. I used the measuring instructions for a well fitting belt and this is too large. That is kind of fucked up, no?
As per our sizing instructions, the size of the belt is measured from where the leather folds around the buckle to the center hole. So your size 44 belt should measure 44 inches to the middle hole, and the full length of it should be right about 50 inches. Going by what you're saying about your jean size and waist size, I'd say you need a size 38 belt. That will put you at 38 inches in the center hole, and at approximately 44 inches in total length, excluding the buckle.