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This Oris watch deserves nothing more than a kick up the ass, overpriced piece of junk, and ugly too.

Check out the Borealis range at borealiswatch.com, exactly the same features, 1/7th the price. When there, go to menu - "store" then "divers watch" then "Borealis Portus Cale" and weep at the quality and the low price😁
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The case and bracelet on the Borealis have been finished well

You're overthinking things man. Lighten-up

Pricing is actually good if you compare like models in the small seconds versions on Jomas. Rubber is $200 less and steel bracelet is $500 less if they are offered at the same price. If you aren’t an Iris fan why even comment here? If you are these are decent prices, although I prefer the date version at 43.5mm. If that comes up in blue I’m buying...
The center seconds version is so much better.
Really? Can get it cheaper elsewhere. How unfortunate Massdrop.
Not a great deal.. I can type into Google and have the same or better prices instantly.. back to drawing board massdrop.
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Your right.. the model I looked at had no complications on the dial..sorry massdrop! There are a few better offers out there if you hunt around but basically the same price as massdrop so no great savings on the discount they offer here.
Let me recant this.. the model I looked at had no complications..but there are some deals to be had out there if you look hard enough.
The watch says 50bar/500m which is it?
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No, the description says 300m. He is asking which is it, 300 or 500?
The description says that the Aquis Date, which isn't being offered on this drop, has a WR of 300m, while the Small Seconds, the one that is offered, has a WR of 500m, as it states on the dial.
Looks like this was $900 in a previous drop. Why would you do this Massdrop? This is a terrible deal.
Greed, perhaps? :)
Nice watch, always have had a soft spot for ORIS though too.....
I would prefer the 2017 orange model with a regular second hand. Even better as a bundle with bracelet and a black rubber strap.
Is there a bracelet version of the Date Aquis?
Is the band for the Aquis Auto Day, blue or black?
It is dark blue. I have the Aquis Date prior to the refresh (the one on offer is the 2017 refresh), and it came with a black rubber strap, but the same sunburst blue dial.
Would love to see the Aquis date 2017
The 43mm date version is the 2017 model. The small seconds has the old indexes, like the Aquis Date I have.