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Oris Greenwich Mean Time Automatic Watch

Oris Greenwich Mean Time Automatic Watch

Where's the price?
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Have yourselves some extra picture: https://www.oris.ch/en/watch/oris-greenwich-mean-time-limited-edition/01-690-7690-4081-set-ls-kroko Overall not my cuppa, but understandable why some might like it (price aside).
Why is the warranty only 1 yr??
Warranty time seems very short at one year .
It might be an elegamt watch but is well overpriced for a massdrop sale... Unfortunately!!!
Waiting for $500 ...
For Pete's sake, an ETA 2836-2 is worth about $500. Everywhere. With tons of reputable brands. Tissot, 500. Victorinox, 500. And im not even talking about pre-owned. C'mon. Really. Stop adding a zero to MSRP please.
I agree it's overpriced but my Oris watches are much more refined than the Tissot I owned (and others I've seen). I personally can't judge a watch until I physically handle it. Just because watches have the same movement doesn't mean there won't be alignment issues, different materials = easier to scratch, etc.
Not for me. I want a Blue Big Crown Pointer Date

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Not for me either I want a great big Spider Man watch (with the web shooter attachment)
kidding--I really want one of these:

the hate invicta gets is fairly well earned and deserved, but I admit as a comic book fan that the Deadpool and punisher watches, while ridiculous, would be fun to collect if you’re into that thing. Still don’t think I’d wear them, though. Fun fact, those giant invicta reserve chronos do use a legit valjoux 7750.
Beautiful watch with interesting complication but if I have understood correctly these were produced about five years ago..?
$1500 price, 3 pictures. Come on, whoever is responsible for creating these, do better. D+ effort.
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Where have you found it at?
Usual suspects, Amazon eBay and chrono 24.