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received the watch in the case but without COA / documents. Only manual. Did anybody get a COA?
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Ok, but at least I would expect the coa as proof of ownership. It has the serial number on it an need not be stamped. Other grey market sellers provide this
That's sadly the risk on MD, you get genuine watches but papers....
I thought I joined the Drop for the 22mm Oris but got the 18mm. Why do I have to pay extra for the smaller model which I do not want and Massdrop should check their post on the website .
Same thing happened to me...
The +$70 were for the 18mm bracelet.
It's always better to double check reference and also the discussions, neil.r posted a comment about this "issue".
I've just received it.
The end links don't sit flush with the case which is a little bit disappointing at this price.
Overall very nice watch and quite dressy despite the 22mm bracelet ( but still too expensive in my opinion ).
Picked mine up on Monday! Impressed by the fast shipping
Did anyone else receive the wrong watch?
Rectangular don't sell well in USA but was good price. Figured for dress once in a while. Also figure won't lose a lot if flip.
Pretty sure I paid a lot less for my somewhat-similar ESQ.
As a matter of fact, I know I paid much less--I bought it several years back (long before I became fabulously wealthy ;- )
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Yawn. Go troll somewhere else.
Oh—there you go—judging people again!
Tic, tic...
I don't understand the price point of this brand. Lowest level movement. Mineral caseback. The brand doesn't have an extensive history. Basically they inflate their prices so $480 seems like a steal? Seems to me the same thing Invicta does, just at a higher price point. Or...are the cases and bracelets really that nicely made?
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All good mate! You're perfectly sane. ;)
Oris is over a century old and still in business.
If you want to pay for name, history, exclusivity or advertising that's fine, but don't blame a brand that doesn't play this game.
The Oris website says the case back is a mineral crystal...
Also what size do you guys suggest for a 6.5 inch wrist?
Is this a women's watch? At least the smaller 25mm?
25mm is women's , if you seacrh online elsewher they describe that model as women's.
44 l2l i take biger version even with 6inch wrist. Smaller +70 bucks. :(. I like smaller Watches tho. U made me confused bcs of price difference. 600 on Amazon other websites sell IT for 1500 bucks. Idk margin so big ? 1000dollars.