Oris RUF CTR3 Limited Edition Automatic Watchsearch

Oris RUF CTR3 Limited Edition Automatic Watch

Oris RUF CTR3 Limited Edition Automatic Watch

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I just saw that the watches have shipped out of Brooklyn. Please tell me the merchant isn't Jomashop. Those guys are absolute crooks.
RUF Yellowbird is very high on the all time dream cars list...
Does it come with a minicar?

This watch will just come in the standard Oris box, no model car included.
Love Oris, this one not being my cup of tea. Just wanted to mention that Oris doesn't have "its own movement" like said in the description. Thankfully it later rectifies by mentioning it's a slightly modified ETA7750 with an Oris rotor, I just find it a shame that the description is misleading trying to sell it as in house.
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Oh, I did not realize it was a limited edition. I see the signature now. I would assume it is part of the limited edition. Does the Oris webpage for this watch have photos of the movement? The red rotor is just marketing. They did not always do this. I assume this is a limited edition thing. Your best bet would be to hit the webpage for this specific watch
Here is the MD advertisement for this Drop... Showing the proper Red Rotor. I have confirmed that the rotor should be red on all display back Oris automatics. This may be a "non-authorized" marker since it was sold by MD.

I have a trouble ticket with MD right now to try to send it back. I have purchased about 10 watches from MD and none of them had FrankenWatch syndrome other than this one... I will report if they do what is correct in thsi situation.
I'm happy to see some of the higher end brands showing up. There are actually TWO Oris' running on drops right now, this being one of them. It's not quite a model I would get, but the brand certainly caught my eye when I noticed it was up for a drop. So, while I'm not going for this particular model, I do want to validate Massdrop's efforts in getting Oris watches included :)
Waiting for oris 65 drop
I'd be more interested in the car... but the truth is I'm more likely to purchase a basic one of either.
Beauty for sure. Seems a bit of a miss when it comes to price. Thanks for showing it though Massdrop!
Really? I feel like the price is right (not a super deal, but right).
This is a sweet watch. I think if you look, you'll find this limited ssion available from sources that don't have waits of issues with warranty at a reasonable price.

I'm not impinginging in MD, I've bought tons here. Just that this one doesn't bowl me over. :)
Not my cuppa, but to each is own.
At these prices it does make me wonder whether we'll eventually see one of Oris' Artelier Calibre 11xs (not that I'll be buying one, but they look brilliant).
I would buy one of the moonphases, or a few of the Artelier models, if priced right. I could actually see myself buying a Big Crown as well.
Nice watch!
Glad to see more drop from Oris lately. This one is a bit too rich for my blood though. Keep it coming Massdrop.
All automatic chronographs are expensive in this segment. Oris does have deals on their time-only watches though (under $1,000). Some are really attractive. All are well-made. Oris and Hamilton are really the best made Swiss watches in this segment.
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