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Palladium Books Robotech RPG Tactics Board Game

Palladium Books Robotech RPG Tactics Board Game

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Scalable, Robotic Warfare

The United Earth Defense Force is gearing up to defend the planet from annihilation. On the other side of the fight? The Zentraedi Armada clone army, which is hellbent on recovering the lost alien artifact and enslaving mankind once and for all. In this tactical miniatures game, players take sides in a battle of mecha squadrons. The game is fast and furious. It operates under a dynamic mechanic where players trade off activating squadrons, so you never have to sit and wait to make a move. This creates an intense environment that allows large-scale battles to be carried out in a single night—from a battle of just two mechas to a battle of hundreds. Though it’s designed as a standalone game, it can be used as a companion to Robotech RPG.


  • Designed by Carmen Bellaire, David Freeman, Kai Nesbit, Kevin Siembieda, and Wayne Smith
  • Artwork by Elmer Damaso, Oliver Nkweti Lefitte, Chester Ocampo, Brian Snoddy, and Charles Walton
  • Players: 2
  • 1/285th scale
  • Multi-pose plastic game pieces (1.6–2.8 in tall)


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